“Custom Bicycles”

Road, fixed gear, fendered

Road, fixed gear, fendered

I have decided to get back into the custom bicycle business 🙂 

For the last year or so I have been only taking orders for and building my semi-custom City Roadsters and Cargo bikes. I will soon have a new webpage on the site with a price list and options for custom frame sets and complete bicycles of any type [Touring, Road, Club, Cross etc…].

It feels good to have finally worked through the backlog of customs I had on order and to be rid of the year long order list. There were some customs that had taken 14 months to process! I feel that I can now take orders for customs and deliver them in a reasonable time. I am not interested in having a huge backlog with multi-year wait list.

One way I have helped with this and will continue to do so is by not taking deposits. Pre-pay for the whole bike or frame set  including shipping. I have found that the deposit system just does not work and clogs up the process. The deposit was supposed to hold your spot in line, but what was happening is that I would have 20 people holding their spot, but did not have any information to build their bike. Then 6 months later they would ask “when am I going to get my bike?” I would say…well I have no order form from you…I do not know what you want or how tall you are …nothing or maybe 1/2 the info.  Then all the while other people are calling with money and all the info, but I would have to say well there are 20 people ahead of you and it may take 9 to 12 months. [a real deal killer]. Most often I would lose these orders, sometimes I would take the order and bump them ahead. While doing this someone, somewhere in the 20 backlog would call up with their final info [not in the order that their deposit came in]….now it is an emergency! So there was all the leap frog action going on, which is very hard to manage and is frustrating for everyone. I only have 2 bikes left that are deposit laden 🙂 [without info], so I think I can manage that.

For now on pre-pay only. I will be more than happy to email with potential customers or talk to you on the phone to get all the details worked out on what you want, before you place your order. I can give you a quote, then you can send payment and that will pay for the components and materials, shipping in real time [prices often go up on me in a years time] And this should lead to very quick delivery of 2 weeks to 4 months.

Now you might ask…wel which is it…2 weeks or 4 months! The time starts when I get your real money 😉 If you are local, check clears in one day, parts get ordered and delivered in a week etc…If you are in CA, send the check by mail [5 days], check clears in a week or paypal takes 4 days to clear [even local]. All components [that I order from 6 venders] are in stock and ready to ship etc…and then the last factor is when the orders come in. You call, we work all the details out, but then you wait another week or month [or year] and the I get a bunch of orders in…that drives the lead time up. I wish orders came in at a steady stream, but that is not the way it works out, they tend to come in bunches.

If you have been thinking for years about getting that custom ANT and have seen photos on my Flicker of bikes that you would like. Now is the time to get in touch 🙂

Touring Bike

Touring Bike


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One Response to “Custom Bicycles”

  1. Adam Alpern says:

    Boy, do I understand that queue dynamic! The exact same thing happens with my custom bag orders.

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