“Open House a big success”


Marty and his friend from Geekhouse bikes, winning both events [track stand and tricycle race]

There was a break in the storms and we ended up having a wonderful day of cool clear weather 🙂 We had a very good turn out and almost all of the food was eaten. We had people drive and ride from all over the north east…from NJ, CT, NY, NH, RI and ME and all over the Boston area….and Holliston too! The only local state we did not have, was VT. Bailey and friend drove up from Brooklyn NY to pick up his new Basket Bike I was very happy with his choice in a Basket bike in the classic black with red rims.

Charlotte and Andy road out from Boston, did the ride in my group and then rode back to boston, ending with 80 miles under their belt!

My buddy Joel and Rich rode out from Boston too, but they took the defunct, antique water line that runs through forbidden areas. A great off road route from Boston to the more rural area where I am. This was an aqueduct that used to feed water to boston, built around 1913  Betsy and I have ridden parts of this line, but not all the way in to town.

I have a good group of friends from Albany that came out [3 of them, Randy, Lacey and Laura, on ANTs…and the last, Perry soon to be on an ANT]. Perry made a video of the ride here.

The ride was a lot of fun and no one crashed or got hurt 🙂  Everyone was impressed with the very rural New England route I have made for Open House. The fall colors were in full swing and it was nice and cool. A 15 mile ride is just right for having a good time without getting all worked up, but enough to make you hungry for our Indian food from Dosa temple! This was the first times our kids went on the adult ride and they did great and kept up with the group.

Betsy had a good sized group on her family town ride. This year we had a new friend of mine on Betsy’s ride, from Holliston,who added bits of local history to the ride. It is really nice to have people bring their children out for our Open House and feel included in the fun.


This is Nao’s boy having fun in the park 🙂 Nao is a very nice guy, who loves bikes and makes hand cool made bits for bicycles. His space is called 3RRR Products

We had a visit from the people of Lovely Bicycle. This is one of my new favorite bike blogs. I plan to work with them to provide some bikes to test out and review. I would like to also do that with my friends at Ecovelo and Lets Go Ride a Bike, but the shipping cost and building the right bike is more than I can spend…maybe someday. 

Sorry if I missed anyone that came out to see us. Thank you all for coming to our Open House…it would be nothing without our visitors!


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7 Responses to “Open House a big success”

  1. Trisha says:

    Sounds like much fun! I too regret that we’re too far away to test your bikes, but am really looking forward to LB’s assessment. Your shop is on my must-see list when I do get to Boston.

  2. Matthew says:

    Bailey’s basket bike turned out real well. Must have been the star of the open house!

    Nice to see the curvey green bike showing up for the fun. As I recall, the proceeds from its sale funded the food.

  3. Frankenbiker says:

    looks like a good time,and a good ride. Noa’s stuff is really cool,thanks for the link.

    Glad to hear that you are going to be building customs again,love your work!I can’t afford it, but I love it.

  4. Thank you for the Open House, Mike, we had a wonderful time!

    This antique waterline route you speak of – where do we find it?

    • antbikemike says:

      I do not know how to find the route on-line. My friend that has ridden the whole route pieced it togther through antique maps at the library. I do know that you can find some of the route on the Wellesley town trail maps [avaiable at trail heads in Wellesley. I think the route starts somewhere in Newton or West Newton and ends at RT 16 in Wellesley MA. Betsy and I have only ridden the spots in Wellesley. I do know that some of it is bush wacking, climbing over fences and such. Ridable on a roadish bike with fat tires. Also the area around Babson College is difficult to find the route. It gets lost a bit at the school. I think a fun adventure for a very long day.

  5. Neil Doshi says:

    Thanks for a great time. That is a sweet video!

  6. Dan O says:

    Fun video – cool scenery. Makes me miss my East Coast roots a bit.

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