“Fall trail riding”


Betsy, my stepson and I went for a very nice trail ride this Sunday. We live in a rural area that has many reservations owned by the Trustees of the reservations. This is a wonderful organization and if you live in Massachusetts you should join. Not every reservation they own is available to bicycling, but many are and we also like to go hiking too and they also own beach front property at Crane Beach and on Martha’s Vineyard.

This little trip we took has been on our minds for sometime, but we have not had the time to take it [soccer, tons of homework, Open House, family stuff etc…]. We found that we were going to have time for this four hour off road trek on Sunday and the weather was a perfect, clear blue New England day. the fall foliage was in full. Betsy had this idea of trying to connect a trail loop that would start  and end from our house, without much on road travel. She downloaded trail maps and a few road maps, so she could try and piece it together, but we needed to travel the trails to find the connections.

We went to the high points on the reservations that had or still have fire spotting towers, with some great views 🙂 You can see Boston in the distance and the Blue Hills reservation.




taking a break on Whale rock

taking a break on Whale rock


We do not ride off road very often, but do enjoy it a lot. We are more into trail riding that is only mildly technical, but this was pretty challenging…and Betsy’s son was riding his commuter bike with fenders, slick tires and a coaster brake!

We may have to get another ride or two in before the rest of the leaves fall off 😦

great views at the high points

great views at the high points


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5 Responses to “Fall trail riding”

  1. Matt Stankus says:

    Beautiful scenery,I’ll have to check that out.Thanks!

  2. Ray says:

    We used to call it the Dover Fire Tower but I guess it is really the Ralph MacAllister Tower. Was that it, off Pine Street?

  3. Brad says:

    Nice write-up Mike. Looks like a great day out. I’d love to get a better look at the trail bike you were riding if it wasn’t too much trouble.

    • antbikemike says:

      Thanks Brad,
      Just go to the ANT Flicker photos, look up mtn bikes and you will see the bike. Click on a photo and then click on “all sizes”. Then you can click on large or original size [will fill more that your screen to see up close]

  4. livingjetlag says:

    Those fire tower things are SCARY. High and rickety-looking and exposed. It’s hard to look at the view, because I’m shaking so hard.

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