“Moving shop”

Spinning the lathe around

I am moving my shop to a new location! The new space is still in Holliston and not far from where I am now located. I found a nice little stand-alone brick garage that is about 1,000+ sq ft, has a good size office a storage room [now the compressor room] and my own private bathroom 🙂  Also no upstairs neighbors!

The new space did need a lot of work to make it useable and I have over spent on time and money to get in there, however in the end will be worth the investment. The space will be much nicer and dryer, along with lower overheads [after I re-coup my moving cost].

Before picture

The building had a drop ceiling that was made in a rather hack manner among other much-needed work and changes. I ripped the drop ceiling out and made some other changes. I will post some “after” pictures next week, when I am moved in. I am about half moved right now.

Jennifer's Rohloff Mixte

I finally finished and shipped Jennifer’s Rohloff, Mixte bike. Her bike got caught between moving 😦 I also procrastinated about the racks, but in the end really like what I came up with. The front rasket has a removable railing.

I need to get back to moving and will post more pictures and news later next week. I just wanted to make a quick post to keep people informed.


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10 Responses to “Moving shop”

  1. smasher says:

    Congratulations on the move, Mike. Looking forward to seeing “after” shots!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Congratulations! Moving is terrible but once you’re done and really settled in you’re always happy you did it.

  3. d'Andre says:

    Wow! that’s a beautiful bike. I know, how many times has that phrase been used in comments on your blog? a lot! But this one just hits a sweet spot for me…..sigh. One of these days…

    Congrats on the move, sounds like great space.

  4. Dario D says:

    Good luck in the new space! — dario

  5. PhilS says:

    Good luck in the new digs, Mike. What is the lathe? I don’t recognize it, but the stand is superb…

    • antbikemike says:

      This is a “South Bend Heavy Ten”. Got it this summer.

      • Phil S says:

        Wow, cool. I know the South Bend Model C 9″ gearhead pretty well, and thought this looked SB-ish, but the headstock didn’t look quite right. Neat.

        Loving the LR – – – it sees near daily use, and will at least until the snow flies. Going up the hill, a guy in tights on a carbon bike felt compelled to comment “beautiful bike” as he went by me.

  6. Ray says:

    Whoo-Hoo! New space.

    This means an Open House Warming.

    What does your shop need?
    Hand cleaner?
    Shop rags?
    Tweezers for swarf in fingers?

  7. Jennifer’s bicycle is beautiful; everything goes together so nicely. Good luck with the rest of the move!

  8. steve garro says:

    congrats on the new digs, Mike! Awesome bikes as always – Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.

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