“Neon ANT”

I have meant to post this picture for months! Sent in by Patrick in Brooklyn NY. This is a neon rendering of his Light Roadster, that was posted on his blog Swayspace.

I have sold the fund-raising bikes for NAHBS, but are still looking for people for the Museum show. Several people are on the fence, but I am not to worried about it. I really need to have almost, complete control over the design of the bikes. These show Bikes need to be the best that I can display.

Yesterday we a had a very beautiful little snow squall, but I missed taking any pictures of it. After the snow, the sun came out and everything look as if it were covered in powdered sugar and with a bright evening sun running through the trees.

I am amazed at how much people can blog! It takes me forever to write a few lines and upload a picture [sometimes wordpress…or my slow computer, makes me re-upload the images!].

New Links :  “Biciclasica” and “Lets Go Ride a Bike” has been changed and Lovely Bicycle’s husband came out and took some pictures for an art project.

I have been avoiding Bike Snob NYC, but finally gave in to taking a look at it. So many blogs, so little time ;)…ok back to work!


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3 Responses to “Neon ANT”

  1. I blogged all day today. Three posts! Chalk it up to an absence of useful endeavors. Count yourself lucky that you have real work to do. Have a great weekend!

  2. I write as part of my job, and constantly, so I’ve learned to do it very quickly. It’s easy for me to write blog entries, as I am already sitting there with my laptop and writing. The blog entries are in fact a good way to take breaks from work without going too far away and getting completely distracted. But if I didn’t already have to be on my laptop all the time, I doubt that I would have a blog.

    Thanks for the feature, and the neon bike is a super-cool tribute.

  3. steve garro says:

    right on, Mike – Carl Strong asked me to join, too. i’m stoked they added you as we use allot of the same kind of supplies! congrats on the meuseum show – sound great!!! Steve Garro.

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