“Film by Zachary Lee”

Last year I posted a fuzzy video of me cutting a top tube. Shortly afterward I was contacted by Zachery Lee. Zak is a film teacher at a local college and he offered to help me with making a video. It took many months for us to make the time to meet, but we finally did last summer. I agreed to let Zak make a short film of me in my shop and that he could do anything he wanted with it and in exchange he would make some short films for me, that would be more instructive of what we do and or instructional videos [assemble you bike, release cables on your IG hubs etc…].

The first film is still in the works and soon to be released, by Zak. This will be a film of me building a bike “soup to nuts” with a musical score [written by Roger Miller].

This short film interview was put together by Zak, to help me with sending assorted media to the Design Museum show. Zak was nice enough to come out last weekend to film and then spent his spare time doing all the much needed editing to make it all look professional!


14 thoughts on ““Film by Zachary Lee”

  1. Very nice video – enjoyed your commentary and all the visuals.

    Looking forward to the soup to nuts video!



    PS: I learned that my ANT’s so old it precedes your seatstay cap!

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  5. super cool video.

    i’m a huge fan of jay ryan’s band poster art, and i couldn’t help but spot one of his pieces on your shop wall when the camera is panning at minutes 2:34 through 2:45. it’s one i’ve never seen, but his style is recognizable for sure. did you commission it? i can’t seem to track it down in his portfolio. thanks!


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