Time for NAHBS!

I am loading up the van and heading out in a few minutes. Wish me luck….I am driving my 1989 Caravan with 231,000 miles on it! Actually it runs great and has great heat. I drove it to Indianapolis last year. Betsy is flying in Thursday night and the show starts Friday.
I am not sure if I will have Internet access, while I am away, but if I do we will load some pictures up to Flicker.

 UPDATE: Made it Richmond last night, but my van shit the bed before I got out of town! I rented a van, so the show goes on 😉


About antbikemike

Bicycle frame builder
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2 Responses to NAHBS

  1. dottie says:

    I hope you have a safe trip. I’m looking forward to attending the show virtually again this year 🙂

  2. Norm says:

    Good Luck Mike! The bikes look great.

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