“Fake Craigslist ad by Bike Snob NYC”

The fake Craigslist ad has been reportedly posted by Bike Snob NYC.

Not funny at all. I am going to remove his link on my blog.

Just got this from Bikesnob:

Hi Mike,
I just saw your blog post.  I absolutely did not post a Craigslist ad about your stolen bike, and I would never post a fake Craigslist ad like that!  I did “tweet” a link to it though after someone else brought it to my attention, but only because I thought it was totally obvious it was fake and I tend to “tweet” goofy bike-related links.  It never occurred to me in a million years anyone would think it was real.

More on this at GeekHousebikes blog


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46 Responses to “Fake Craigslist ad by Bike Snob NYC”

  1. bo says:

    It was funny….not malicious. I laughed out loud and it got you exposure. How bad could it be?

    • antbikemike says:

      I feel differently about it. Not the kind of exposure I want. I do not want to get calls late at night telling us about the ad, causing my my wife, kids and I grief [got us all up out of bed on a school night]. I have many friends looking out for me. We emailed this guy with the ad. He responded by saying he would meet us at 11am today. I have an undercover cop that will be at the meeting spot, that is now wasting his time and will never listen to us again! I did feel that there was something weird about the ad and then not to suprised that it turned out to be fake, however are you telling me that I should have done nothing? I think you would feel different, if your bike was stolen and this was happeing to you. Yes, we did get a lot of exposure from this theft. Many thousands of people know about it, tweeted it, blogged it and linked to the event along with everyone at NAHBS coming by to say they feel the pain. I would much rather that my bike was never stolen. That I was not so stupid to lock my bike with a cable [thick one], unattended for a few minutes [20?]. Shit it is 9am and I guess I should try and get in touch with the police and tell them to NOT follow up on this. I really ned to get to work…not dealing with stupid shit like this WASTING MY TIME!!!!!!!!

  2. I still think most of this is my fault for telling you about this Mike. I guess I was just too caught up in trying to get your bike back, I should have known it was a joke…

  3. ecovelo says:

    I’m with you, Mike. Somehow I fail to see the humor in all of this. Hopefully it all blows over soon.

    Best regards,

  4. Lucas says:

    Ok, perhaps I am a little confused about the whole thing; but did BSNYC not say he “absolutely did not post a Craigslist ad about your stolen bike, and I would never post a fake Craigslist ad like that!”?

    Can you please clarify what is going on? I read about the “hoax” ad selling your bike (but was a scam) and about the initial theft (on many other blogs, as well)… and am curious what is going on.

    • antbikemike says:

      My bike was stolen.
      Someone placed a fake ad to sell my stolen bike. [why?]
      Bike Snob “Tweeted” the ad. [Bike snob thought is was funny]
      Many people saw the Tweet and informed me about the ad. [trying to help]
      I somehow was to supposed figure out this was all fake. [I guess I am stupid]
      My bike is STILL stolen.

      • Lucas says:

        ok … I get it; I admit that I’d be pissed beyond measure if my bike got nabbed… I just though you still thought that BSNYC posted the CL ad, which has been cleared up, informationally, at least. The chronology of things is what I apparantly missed.

  5. Cezar says:

    Maybe adding the BSNYC link back to your blog and an apology is warranted?

    Also, the cursing part is out there in the rss feeds. I do see that you have removed it.

    • antbikemike says:

      My bike was stolen.
      Bike snob thought it was funny, got involved and caused a lot of problems for many.
      I am only sorry for being driven to curse on my blog and upsetting any of my customers or blog readers.
      I did remove that and sorry for cursing.

      • Brian Park says:

        So by “caused a lot of problems” you mean “caused a lot of problems because we jumped to conclusions and now we look like jerks,” right?

      • antbikemike says:

        Yes, I am a jerk, was mis-informed and over reacted. A friend emailed me early this morning and said that Bike Snob posted the ad. I should have investigated the claim.
        I have not quite warmed up to apology to BSNYC yet. Lot of fun going on over at BSNYC right now and I don’t want to squash the fun people are having.
        I am posting all comments here, good or bad.

  6. I hope all this hoopla increases the chance of your bike being recovered.

  7. Mike71 says:

    Dude, you are a big douche, major loss of respect for you. The fact that you can’t see the humor in his tweet is so sad. Hate the guy who stole you bike, not a blogger. The fact you couldn’t see that the craigslist ad was an obvious fake speak volumes about your own sense on humor.

  8. Bianchi says:

    Hi Mike,
    You are welcome to feel and do what you like (It’s your company 🙂 ), but as one of the folks who heard about this whole incident by reading BSNYC, I don’t think you realize how you are coming across (I say this as respectfully as possible).
    I think you should be mad at the guy who posted to add, not BS who saw it and re-tweeted it.
    What if one of your pals had seen the post first and tweeted it to you(fairly likely, as I am sure a lot of your friends are trying to help you)?

    Would you be as pissed at them? doubtful.

    Obviously you are currently not in the mood to make light of your situation, but really man, you’re not coming across as very even-minded right now.
    (You are welcome to lambaste me for this comment, but please realize that I am sending it because I like your product, and I would like to see you continue to suceed. PR counts for a lot as a small builder, and this isn’t really painting you in the best light)

    • antbikemike says:


      Thank you.
      I have caused quite a stir with all this and even got a big HELLO on bike snob 😉
      Bike snob [who ever he is] is very upset about me calling him a bad name. The real blame goes to the person who made the fake craigslist ad.
      I am no mood for funny business and over reacted to my mis-information.

      • Bianchi says:

        No worries. I sincerely hope you get your bike back. There is nothing quite like the kick in the gut of getting a bike stolen, especially one you built yourself…

  9. ljm says:

    aren’t you a frame builder? build yourself another one and get over it.

    while BSNYC’s post probably more to report on the fake add rather than be “funny”. your reaction is funny as hell. ha ha

  10. Mierda Bici says:

    A cable lock? Really? I think you should be mad at yourself for that move? Are you surprised? Buck up, we’ve all lost bikes. You should be thanking him for the exposure. I’m thinking more people found your blog through this story than any work you been doing at builder shows.
    Hope you get it back.

  11. DJ says:

    Don’t you all get it, this is a brilliantly conceived guerilla marketing scheme. There’s no such thing as bad press. And in the bike world, there’s no worse press than pissing off bikesnob. Look at all the companies that give him free junk so he can continue to abuse them on his blog.

    Well played antbikemike, well played…

    Seriously though, calm down. Gee, some guy on craigslist is a jerk with a juvenile sense of humor? Wow! Stop the presses. Yeah I’d be pissed too if all the attention started a nationwide search for one of the bikes I’ve had stolen over the years. Thank god the world doesn’t pay attention when bad things happen to “little people” like me.

  12. George Not Hincapie says:

    Extend the olive branch to Bike Snob by putting his link back on your blog.

  13. George Not Hincapie says:

    Uncomfortable position for you, rather it all never happened. But what’s going on over at BSNYC is just good fun, nothing personal. Take the barbs, they’re only rubber…

  14. ayo says:

    So your frame building skills are ‘meh’.
    But your hole digging skills are EXQUISITE!

  15. Wow, all you guys need to lay off Mike. I was the one who thought this was Bikesnob and told Mike such. And the tweet wasn’t a RT is was a direct link to craigslist. Have any of you actually had a bike stolen, cause its the worst!?! Even worse if its a 2-of a kind bike that you built for your self.
    If all you guys want to be pissed off at someone be pissed off at me. I thought the ad was real and then I blamed Bikesnob. If you all want to call me a “fucking asshole” then I’ll take the blame for this one. Sorry Mike!!!

  16. Jake says:

    Blogosphere be damned. Mike is awesome.

  17. George Not Hincapie says:

    Geekhouse- yeah, you wanna be called an asshole? You’re an asshole for coming down on the Snob. No matter what the situation, keep a clear head, assess and take responsibility. And you call yourself his friend?! Why didn’t you ever tell him not to ride such a silly looking bike in the first place?! Bet you’re secretly laughing at this whole thing, aren’t you. Mike’s got the big business, the fancy moustache and all you did was fuck up again! And what are you doing cruising Craigs List late at night anyway? Hmmmmm?

  18. Haha, the funny thing about this is I love Bikesnob. And yes, I’m laughing at most of this. The part I feel bad about is that Mike is a really nice guy and he doesn’t deserve this flack. Ahh the internets, I thought middle school drama was over years ago.

    • Adam says:

      @ geekhouse : yeah mike sounds like a _really_ nice guy. i realize that frame building isn’t a white collar job, but the excess profanity in the orig post and explanation are so tasteless. is this how mike delivers his bikes too? “Here’s your f*cking bike.”
      @ mike : why did your whole family get up to answer the phone in the middle of the night?

      • antbikemike says:

        No I do not deliver my bikes that way. I removed the “F” bomb shortly after making the post. Have you ever flown off the handle when your bike got stolen and people were making fun of it?

      • Adam says:

        re: antbikemike – i absolutely have flown off the handle, in far worse ways than swearing. i hope you recover your stolen bicycle in a speedy manner.

  19. Rick Donkey says:

    geekhousebikes, it’s cool you got antbikemikes back and all, but shit man, you couldn’t discern that CL ad was fake?!? How fucking white are you dude?!? Your friend and compatriot, Rick D.

  20. klm says:

    Please people,

    Someone’s bike got stolen. This person is upset about it. This is no place to make jokes about it nor a place for a moral lecture about how you should treat people. Lets hope the bike gets found and let all people who are (really) involved make up how and when they wish to.

    We (hopefully) all have better things to do…

    Ps. Mike, I have just now seen your work. It’s beautiful! Keep it up.

  21. hit that ting tang says:

    wait, who died again?

  22. Guys, I hate to brake it to you but I’m as white as they come…

  23. finnish biker says:

    This is just amazing. Stop giving BSNYC grief for your lack of humor. Sad thing that the bike got stolen, but seriously??? You are hurting your image and your business with this nonsense.

    Please do not take this the wrong way (again), but having such fit to the people who have absolutely nothing to do with this is just ridiculous.


  24. finnish biker says:

    Oh never mind. weird stuff. Glad to see bikesnob back on the blogroll. Hope you get your bike back too.

    you can delete both comments, seeing i cant do it.

  25. mark montgomery says:


    im sorry about your bike being stolen. but 799 people are dead in chille, and 300,000 in haiti. you can have my bike.

    change the world.

  26. clayton says:

    Christos, folks. I love the snob and have been reading his blog for years, but anyone who’s had something they value stolen knows how frustrating it can be. Some people have personalities than can handle it with grace, and some get in a frizzy and maybe act a little irrational. Neither is right or wrong, just a matter of different personalities. Mike had his bike stolen and he reacted; whoopty-doo. On the other hand, whole BSNYC honor-guard patrol is pathetic.

  27. George Not Hincapie says:

    @clayton; if you’ve been “reading his blog for years,” then you should understand it’s all meaningless fun. The reader comments extend the entertainment value. Waddawegonnagetbehindtoday?

  28. Leadandsteel says:

    Once an angry bike mechanic always an angry bike mechanic. I bet this is the most hits your website has ever seen. Buck up.

  29. Shaun says:

    So… was the stolen ANT folder ever recovered? It seems like it’d be a fairly easy bike to spot and obviously there are a lot of folks that are aware that it’s missing.

  30. XX says:

    Being an idiot and blowing this BSNYC thing out of proportion is a lot worse publicity than being made fun of by a fake CL ad and a tweet of it.
    Get a grip. Shifter.

  31. Aruba says:

    Highly energetic blog, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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