‘Oh the joy”

All right here it goes.

I hate to stop all the fun here, but after reading Bike Snobs new post  and all the wonderful comments there [and here]I figured I better say something positive and apologize.

I am crawling back to say that I am sorry for calling BSNYC a bad name and removing the BSNYC link.

Once I got truly informed about the whole situation only to see what a jerk I was [still am in many eyes…all well].

I was mis-informed early this morning with an email telling me that BSNYC posted the fake craigslist ad. I flew off the handle and should have investigated the situation more thoroughly.

Thanks to all the people that got in touch on and off line to get me to look at this in a variety of ways [including the people who called me a Douche and a  Jerk]. It took a lot of peoples input to get it through my thick head and the a couple of reads through the BSNYC post.

I could go on about trying to defend myself or explain how I was mis-informed or thought that the BSNYC Tweet led to all this or my defense of riding a folding bike [while traveling] or using a cable lock, but that would just make me look like even more of a jerk.

To put it all in BSNYC’s words on his post to me:

I only hope the damage wrought by this whole regrettable situation is not irrevocable, and it has certainly sent me fishing within myself for even the smallest mackerel of decency

The BSNYC link will now be restored to it’s glory in the “B” section of the antbike blog.

OK, eveyone back to work.


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27 Responses to ‘Oh the joy”

  1. kyb says:

    Nice job. You are a bigger man than most.

    • MudInMyEars says:

      Well, maybe not bigger than Kevin Smith. But that is a whole ‘nother story.

      I am glad the fence in this Blog-sphere has been mended.

  2. I’m glad we can all put this behind us and collectively pool our emotions and energy towards bashing in the skull of thief until he looks like a spent grapefruit. -Gregory

  3. I thought it was pretty funny that anyone would have a harsh word to say about you! BSNY has some SERIOUS followers!

  4. Mike, I owe you a beer! Or ten…

  5. i think this whole event shows how tightly-knit the online (and offline) bike community can be.

    hopefully this means we’ll find your bike soon and break the fucker who actually stole it.

    nice blog! i’ll be following you from now on…


  6. uncle says:

    Bloggers flying off the handle are a dime a dozen. A much rarer breed ever goes back to apologize or correct themselves.

    Classy, Mike. I appreciate that.

  7. George Not Hincapie says:

    welcome to the club, you knucklehead…

  8. Very happy to see that the fable of “The Snob who Cried Wolf” has a happy ending, with a lesson for us all.

  9. Ray says:

    New media is incredible, isn’t it?

    Get some well-deserved rest tonight!

  10. Ray says:

    New media is incredible, isn’t it?

    The situation was taken apart and reassembled fairly quickly.

    Get some well-deserved rest tonight!

  11. vic says:

    hello from canada!

    i can’t believe i read all the comments on this post. how strange and silly you americans are. you should all do something productive like get better at playing hockey!

    good luck finding your bike! …and curses on that dam thief.

  12. Frank says:

    so back to the topic at hand, the real asshole who stole your bike. any news?

    • antbikemike says:

      No news yet..but I do have the email of the guy in Richmond that posted the Craigslist ad [not that that really matters, he had his fun].
      Over the last 20 years I had 4 bikes stolen in Boston and recovered everyone. I am hopeful to get this one too.

  13. Chris says:

    It’s really nice to see someone accepting an apology and giving one in return. A lot of people wouldn’t and couldn’t do that in this situation even though its the right thing to do. It definitely highlights both of your moral characters.

    Good luck on finding your bike. Hopefully karma will catch up to the thief soon.

  14. Mo's Bike Shop says:

    “Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.”

    –Douglas Adams


  15. Nicely done! Well, at least this “feud” lead me to discover your blog and your bikes. Nice purple mixte, btw!

  16. Nick Loewen says:

    If this event was any indication, someone somewhere is going to find someone with a foldable bike, beat the shit out of him, figure out is wasn’t the stolen bike, and go looking for another victim elsewhere.

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  18. finnish biker says:

    Top man.

  19. tiny says:

    Folding bikes are definitely cool, no need to defend that.

    Many years ago one of the guys from If sometimes messengered on a folding Raleigh he’d souped up… done right they’re awesome.

  20. sherpa says:

    Even done wrong folders are awesome.

    All this love gives me hope for humanity. If only Washington could take a page from the both of you. Unfortunately those guys on the other side of the isle are idiots!!

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