“BSNYC beats NPR”

Wow, what a day!

BSNYC beats NPR for driving views to my blog/website….by a long shot! and even more coming.

On average I get about 1,000 views a day to my blog [which I use a website too] and most of the views are not to read my blog, but to see my bicycles.

In Aug of 2008 I was interviewed by NPR and got 3,400 views.

When I posted my video interview I got 2,400 views.

BSNYC sent me 6,275!!   and today it is already up to 4,200

Thanks…I guess? Are most of these views are from haters of ANT? probably. I kind of feel like a wrestler 😉 Boooooooo

One of the BSNYC commenters had said that this would happen [to my puny blog] and man were they right. A few other had commented that this was all a publicity stunt [even the theft of my bike]. Sorry to disappoint, but no this was not planned. I was stupid to lock my bike with a cable lock and I was not very nice to call BSNYC a F%#*& A##*&%  for thinking he had played this “Joke” on me, but we did not plan this. I would much rather have my bike back.

Actually I was over the stolen bike and if you were at NAHBS you would have seen how I was not very upset about it. I was already planning on building a new one [need it for a trip in April, however I do not have the money for parts, so will be using parts from a trash pick]. Plus I have recovered every bike that I have ever had stolen [4 in Boston], so was hopeful to get the bike back someday.

What set me off was getting an email yesterday morning from Marty, telling me that BSNYC made the fake “Joke” craigslist ad. Then I lost it. Now I am being told that I do not have a sense of humor, have thin skin, uptight, self important? and can’t take a joke…you don’t know me. I may have been stupid to not get my facts straight, but I am quite sure that most people would not find it funny to have a “Joke” ad making fun of your stolen bike.

One thing I was reminded of [besides being a jerk] is never get into a pissing match with “Anonymous” 

I let every one that commented on my blog have their say, no matter what they said and I can also see their email and or blog. Of the 170 or so comments on BSNYC, they got pretty nasty. Which is no suprise. Boy do the”Anonymous” hate gay, folding bikes 🙂

"The dreaded gay folding bikes"

Now by “Anonymous” I also mean people with an on-line “name”. It is easy for them to lash out without any consequeces. I on the other hand are a person with a business and a phone number and an address. I think it takes a little more balls to say what I think [even if it is wrong or in bad taste and makes me look bad], than some “Anonymous” commenter on the web.

So on that note I would like to say again.

 That I am sorry to the guy the writes BSNYC, that I was wrong to lash out and call him a bad name for something he did not do.

Oh and by the way.

Some nice guy in a shop, in Richmond, had tried to buy the bike from the ad and got this.

I have punked the cycling world!

Then later Kick replied.

this shit has been funny but it took awhile for some to come around.
When it’s all clear to come out of hiding I’ll stop by and let you in on the mystery. But right now I’m the Deep Throat of ANTgate

Kick, maybe you will get some high fives from your buddys, but most likely your friends will think to themselves…I am never going to trust that guy.

Now maybe I should be mad at Marty, but it is hard to get mad at Marty. He is a good kid and was just trying to help me out.

UPDATE: Craigslist ad poster sort of apologized, so that is good enough for me.

UPDATE: BSNYC Beat his own record 8,648 views today!


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13 Responses to “BSNYC beats NPR”

  1. cm says:

    I check your blog and Bike Snob daily and while maybe you overreacted a little, it is certainly understandable given the facts. I also find it strange that people would have so much to say about your bike..travel bikes are for…ready for this..travel. And sometimes the considerations that go into making them travel-able mean that they are gonna be a bit funky/different/ or “happy” (as they used to say).

    Keep making great bikes!

    moral of this tale: Dont mess with Bike Snob


  2. dottie says:

    Try not to stress about the situation. Everyone around here knows what a good, laid back guy you are. Bike Snob is a great read, but most of his commenters are pretty lame – a prime example of how internet anonymity brings out flaccid meanness.

    I hope you and Betsy enjoyed your time at NAHBS despite the theft. Your bike is so recognizable, it probably will make its way back to you some day.

  3. Jim says:

    Forget it. The fake ad wasn’t at all appropriate. Everybody gets angry. I love my ANT, which is more than I can say of any blog. People always

  4. Matthew says:

    What I find truly depressing is how many people still bother reading BSNYC. The blog was amusing several years ago. I stopped reading it almost a year ago as each edition was just another droll repeat of something the author had said months before. Ant makes great bikes. A pity people who waste their time reading refried trite feel empowered to criticize them.

  5. I’m actually surprised your not mad at me, as this is pretty much all my fault. I was just trying to help, and it was a strange confluence of events that things turned out the way they did. Again I’m sorry to everyone for jumping to conclusions, twice. But hey, it did bring a lot of traffic to our blogs and give a ton of awareness to Mike’s stolen bike, which he’ll hopefully retrieve at some point soon. Anyway, I’m just glad “ANTgate” is over. Thanks for not hating me Mike!

  6. laceyputnam says:

    I am happy that you are feeling better and this whole crazy business is done. I hated reading all the terrible things that people wrote about you. It is so easy, like you said, to say mean things when you are anonymous.
    Everyone who has met you and/or has one of your beautiful bikes knows what an awesome fellow you are, as well as what an amazing woman Betsy is.
    You are a real trooper. I don’t know if I would have handled the situation as gracefully!

  7. ThomR says:

    Mike, I love gay folding bikes and have two of my own. They aren’t just for travel. People have done PBP on Moultons and the End to End on Bromptons. I’ve been looking at yours though a few of the photos here and can’t figure how it folds. Could you post a shot of one folded up?

    • antbikemike says:

      I used to have a AM7 back in the day. The bikes I made actually do not fold, they seperate. The tubes slide into the next and have a pinch bolt. I will try and post some pictures.

      Thanks Mike

  8. ThomR says:

    Now that I figured how to zoom I can see the sleeve and pinch. Lovely, kind of the best of the old style moultons and the Raleigh twenty. I like the belt rive VERY much. You do such great work.

  9. Shaun says:

    With regard to the photo captioned “The dreaded gay folding bikes”; the shirtless dudes doing the odd poses in the background do lend a sort of homoerotic vibe to the scene… Regardless of the sexual proclivity of the bikes themselves…

    For what it’s worth; the whole ANTgate thing led me to your blog/website. While I had heard of you and your bikes before, I didn’t know much about you or them. I have gained a new appreciation for your work and the bikes you build as a result of all of this. Who knows? That may be true for others as well. Maybe that’s why they say “any publicity is good publicity”?

  10. Patrick says:

    All I know is you are cool and my ant gives me pleasure, and it is a great commuter / all around bike


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