Museum of Arts and Design show. May 12th to Aug 2010 .

Sanding and polishing

I am frantically building two bikes for the Arts and Design show and need them in NYC on March 15th. Unfortunately this has delayed building my customers bikes and now with the unusual Spring like weather…people are ready for the their bike! Everyone has been very patient and very understanding, so thank you 🙂 

I also have been receiving many request for quotes for new bikes too [which is great], however I have not made the time to draw up the quotes [takes me an hour or so and then the follow up emails and phone calls and such]. 

My body is feeling the time in the shop, trying to make these frame very smooth, but well worth the effort and I am happy with the results of the first bike. 

Antique style stays

When this show first came up I thought I just needed the bike done by May. Then it became the end of March…then I got an email before we left for NAHBS, saying that they needed the bikes on March 15th!!!! 

I am not going to argue about it. I am very excited to be invited to this show and I think this is the kind of public involvement that can really be good for the bike community. I guess deep down I like the pressure and fast timeline too. Some of my best work has been done this way, but not all of it.


11 thoughts on ““MAD”

  1. Those stays are very lovely! What is the width? Mike, you knocked out one beautiful frame under the pressure of time.

  2. Mike, …when the day comes that I move back to Houston and need to order the 3 (or 8?) speed LR (I’ll keep the derailleur bike for Hill Country escapades), please remind me to consider the antique-style stays in addition to the truss. It’s a beauty.
    Good luck with the show!

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