Soon to be ANT rider, Chessin Gertler is having an Opening this evening.

“Images of Contemporary China” May 1st to June 1st, Weston Public Library  Opening Monday May 3rd 6 to 7:30pm  Weston PBL 87 School St Weston MA

ANT rider and amazing artist Anne Lilly will be having an Opening this Sat at her studios at 100 Frankling St, Allston, MA. 02134  Sat May 8th 5 to 8pm

Bespoke – Museum of Arts and Design May 13th to Aug 15th

Redbones Bike Party – Monday June 7th 5 to 9pm

This last weekend was Somerville Open Studios [which we missed this year], which has many ANT riders showing there work. Another thing we miss about living in Somverville is taking part in Open Studios 😦

One of my favorite artist is Skunk and his amazing steel scuptures. Also Ruchika Madan and Jade Moran as well as James Weinberg

I am trying out a new theme [twentyten] from wordpress here. It is supposed to have dropdowns for the pages, but I can not get it to work on my home computer [but it does work on my shop computer?]. For now my links are gone, but will bring them back later, when I get my new site built by my friend Mary Bucci [also ANT rider]


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5 Responses to “Openings”

  1. Hal says:

    Any images of your submissions for the MoAD show, or will they be a surprise?

  2. antbikemike says:

    Hal, If you got to my Flicker and look at the set called ‘MAD” you will see the two bikes I made for the exhibit.

    • Hal says:

      Oh, I see them now, sorry for my mistake. Wow, they’re gorgeous.

      Does the feel of the ride change substantially due to the truss/struts or the step-through style? Or is the overall geometry (wheel size, tube angles, trail, etc.) more of a determinant on the way the bike feels?

  3. Brian Park says:

    I’m pretty sure you went from a WP theme with 2 sidebars to one with only 1. You could get your links etc. back by dropping all your widgets into your primary sidebar. You might have to redo some of them.

  4. Ahren says:

    Cool, I wish I could see the Anne Lilly show. Her work is fantastic. I got to see her workspace and some stuff she was working on when I visited my friend Gideon who has a little nook in that studio.
    I miss the Somerville Open Studios, though the open studios here in Madison is pretty good too. But I do believe that seeing your old shop during the Open Studios some years ago was a huge inspiration for me!

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