“Sick for a week”

"Last year feeling so much better"

I have been sick for a week now with a bad cold and have missed almost a weeks worth or work! I rode to work last Saturday [it was really beautiful], took the long way and then when I got to the shop came down with a fever. I am now back to work, but still a bit sick.

It is hard for me to think about all the work that has not happend and that almost everyday has been a perfect beautiful spring day! And during bike month! All well, blow my nose and get back to it.

Next big event is the Redbones Bike Party. Monday June 7th 5 to 8pm

For those that do not know, this party is a fund raiser for MASSBIKE and NEMBA  This will be our 8th year that we give away a Cargo or Basket bike for the grand prize of the raffle. You have to be present to win [sorry for all you out of towners].

'Last years winner"


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One Response to “Sick for a week”

  1. Eddie Johnson says:

    Happy to hear that you are feeling better!

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