“Woody Fenders”

"Leopard Wood Fenders"

Here are some compound curve wood fenders made by Cody Davis in Oregon “Woody Fenders” I have always like the wood fenders, but never fell in love with the flat version that has been made a by a few craftsmen over the last several years [I have had a few sets]. These new curved fenders really look right and would love to have a matching chainguard and maybe rack slats 🙂

I had a nice Memorial Day ride with Betsy & Shelby of about 40 miles who are both a lot of fun to ride with. We go at a nice pace, stop for breaks and have a real lunch [and then stop for ice cream before the end]. My kind of riding…ride easy, stay together and eat 😉  I am still fighting off this cold a bit with a sore throat, but just can’t stay off the bike any more. Monday was a perfect srping day with cool blue skies and light wind, however smoke did blow in at the end of the day from the forrest fires up in Quebec.

So while I am building my customers bikes I am always dreaming up the next bike I would like to have! Not sure if it in the cards for me, but I have really been enjoying my Scorcher bike.

"Mike's Scorcher"

I built this bike for my last birthday [Sept] and made it out of either found parts [in the trash] or parts that I had kicking around and out of tubes that would not be used on a customer bike [heavy, thick straight guage]. Almost all of the components are made of steel, but even with the heavy frame and parts, being a fixed gear it is still pretty light at 27lbs. It just fits and rides great and I love it.

I have been dreaming of building myself a new model of this with my standard tubeset [True Temper USA butted tubing 4130 Verus and all USA fittings] and to make this a made in the USA bike [as much that can be had] with all of the parts USA made [with exception of Rims, Tires, Tubes, Rim Strips, Chain and maybe handle bars].

Component list would be this:

Non-USA parts to fill the gap, just cant get them:

  • KMC Stainless chain, Taiwan
  • Tubes QBP, Taiwan
  • Rim Strips, France
  • Rims Velo Orange, silver, Taiwan
  • Bars, China?
  • Tires, Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Cream, Germany


Sounds great to me 🙂  However this would be costly bike as with any [quality] USA made products.

Now the bike I just described is a fixed gear with a front brake only. I could also make this bike freewheel with an added rear brake or also as a derailleur bike or an internal gear bike [these last two options would require more imported parts].

How much would this bike cost? Frame and fork would cost $1,950.00 the first component set with assembly would cost $2,779.00 [with bag $110, light $279 and fenders $200], so this would be a cost of $4,729.00 [or $4,140.00 without that stuff]

Now I could also build a very nice Scorcher very similar to this will all imported parts and tubing and fork for much less, say around $2,400.00 complete with a rear bag, fenders and some nice flashy lights.

Whats the difference, why bother, who cares? I will write something up in my next post, but for now I need to get back to work 😉


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6 Responses to “Woody Fenders”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Mike, I thought I liked the flat wood fenders, but I see now I had no idea what I was missing. Those compound curve fenders are INCREDIBLE! Just stunning, really.

    Your kind of ride and mine are exactly the same. What a nice day, and what nice weather we had for riding! I’m glad to hear you got out.

  2. Actually, there is quality USA made rim tape to be had — Manou Bros. from California.

    Just as good as Velox … and it costs the same. We’ve been using it exclusively for about 6-months.

    Let me know if you would like a sample.

    Bryan @ Renaissance Bicycles

  3. 2whls3spds says:

    I LIKE those compound curve fenders. I finally found out how to make them ;-). I have no plans to produce them for sale, but as a winter project when and if I get bored.


  4. Eddie says:

    There you go upping the ante. Sounds like that would be a sweet Scorcher! Wish I could find my other piggy bank.

  5. steve garro says:

    Mike – Arrow racing makes rims in Oregon – Steve.

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