“Redbones Party and site changes”

The 14th annual Redbones Bike Party was last Monday and we had a good time 🙂  This is a fund raiser for Massbike and NEMBA and this was the 8th year, that I gave away a bike as the grand prize. I also use this as a way to make a new year model Cargo or Basket Bike. The turn out was not as last year, but good enough to fill the street and make it all worth while. Sorry if you missed.

We did get a suprise visit from bike builder Ira Ryan and his friend Rachel. They were attending a wedding that weekend and dropped by the party. Very nice to see them.

The winners of the Basket Bike were very, very excited [they way I like them]. Winners Elisabeth and Justin live in Somerville and were ready to have this bike improve their lives.

New for this year is that I am working with Henry at WorkCycles and he has licensed his “Adaptive Seat Tube Design”, that is used on the WorksCycle FR8  For the last year or so, ever since seeing this “protected” design I wanted to use it for my new Basket Bike and Cargo bike. This seat tube design allows for a multi fit machine that can work for a person from around 5′ to 6’2″  Most Basket Bikes and Cargo bikes are for families with multiple sizes of people using the bike, so this is a good feature for that. And makes the production of the bike universal, which helps keep the price down. I am very happy that this relationship has developed.

I have re-worked my website and the ANT bike line I offer to included production bicycles as well as the full custom bicycles and frames and forks. Take a look at the Bicycle Overview page, that has brief outlines of each new bike along with links to each bike page, with full descriptions, details and pricing. 

I think the new offerings are really nice bikes and will make it easier for people to choose a bike, for me to sell and make and all at a much lower cost than a full custom bike. All bikes are still made by me and not sourced out to another shop or country.

MAD, Bespoke exhibit bikes are for sale. Some of the nicest bikes I have ever made.


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5 Responses to “Redbones Party and site changes”

  1. Dottie says:

    Very interesting to hear about your collaboration with WorkCycles. I’m off to check out your updated site. Owning an ANT bike is still on my list of life goals. One day… 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    That bespoke basket bike is BEAU-TI-FUL. Also the collab with Workcycles sounds really neat.

    Forgive me my incredible shyness at redbones. I was all excited to see you and the basket bike and then shyness took over when I saw you. ( also when I said winning the bike would not solve all my problems- I meant that it would only delay my coveting and need for a BR. I need to hop on it. Looks like your prices are going up? I have to check out your new product list.

    • antbikemike says:

      Still glad you came by. I wish I had that Bakset Bike! The price on BR went up, but the quality of the components and tubing went up too

  3. I wasn’t able to make it, but glad to hear a good time was had. And oh how I still dream of that beautiful gray loop-frame basket bike you gave away last year!

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