We love wind turbines!
My family and I have been having a very nice summer and I have been away from the shop and blogging. Our first trip was to Cape Vincent NY in the Thousand Island region on the Saint Lawrence river, near Lake Ontario.
Across from where were staying is Wolfe Island Canada, which is now covered with beautiful wind turbines. My family and I are big fans of wind power and think that the super huge turbines are beautiful to look at and make us feel good, however we have found that not all people feel this way…you are either for them or against them with not much middle ground to work with 😦
During our week up here, there was a heat wave in Boston [and in here too, but much cooler on the river], so this was the perfect week to be out of Boston!
Taking a day trip across Wolf Island over to Kingston Canada is a fun day trip.
Stopping at the bakery before getting on the Kingston Ferry is a treat too 😉
We went to Fort Henry for a tour [bicycles park for free]
We got to see some people marching up and down the square! [they were very good]
Our family taking a dip to cool off.
The water is too cold for this Texas boy! Just put my feet in and watch the sun set.
Sadly this tree was just blown over in a storm last week 😦
Back for a week of work and then off on our annual Martha’s Vineyard bike trip.
All loaded up! Our bike trip is more like car camping on bikes. We drive to Cape Cod and park in lot, then ride to the ferry [5 miles or so] and then about 2 miles to the campground, dump the gear and then do day trips with the beach stuff loaded in the BOB trailer.
Our group 🙂 We bring a couple of extra kids to make it more fun!
Betsy carried the BOB trailer this year and I brought the big two-wheel rig.
It is really nice to have a car free week on the island. If there more off-road [rail trail] ways to get to the Cape I would be more into having us ride the whole way down. While my family and I all do ride on the road, we really would much rather be on a path.
Our trip was cut short by a day, because before our trip Austin had a bike crash and took a trip in an ambulance! He went over the bars and hurt his hip to the point on not being able to walk. Nothing broken, but bruised up and had to use crutches for a day and a few more days of recovery. Betsy and the kids were on a  road ride and while coming up to an intersection an SUV cut Betsy off and she stopped suddenly, Shelby stopped, but Austin must have been looking somewhere else and then grabbed a handful of brake and did a Superman!
It was scary to get a call from Betsy with the sirens of the ambulance running! [I was at work]. I met them at the hospital and then after a few hours we found out nothing was broken.
Austin began to realize that we may have to cancel our bike trip and got really bummed out, but we told him not to worry about it. We were just glad that nothing was broken. Things can be replaced, people can not.
Our trip was Tuesday to Friday and we made the most of it! The weather was good and only had a little rain one day. We went to the beach, rode our bikes and played at the campground. We brought our Bad Mitten set, soccer ball for pick up games and also played some basket ball.
I had planned to get back to work that Saturday, but was corrupted by my desire to spend some more time with my family.
Austin had stayed with a friend on the Cape, so it was just the three of us. Betsy and Shelby were going to go for a road ride, but they were not that enthusiastic to be on the road [getting ready for the Pan Mass challenge].
I suggested I blow off work and we go down to Providence to ride the 30 mile East Bay Path and Shelby popped right out bed! Could have not been a better day…70 degrees, no humidity, partly cloudy, light breeze off the bay! I have mentioned this before, but the East Bay Path from Providence to Bristol RI is one of the best rail trails around. We are a huge fan of rail trails and we want more. Every community should have one or better yet have paths that connect to the next community [and on and on].
Sunday…I thought I would go to work, but now it was Betsy and I  [Shelby was off to her dads] and another perfect day:)
We drove into Watertown and parked on the river trail. Road the trail on the Charles River on both sides. We packed a blanket, some camp pillows and our books. Parked ourselves near the river in Boston for several hours. This is about a 20 mile ride and can be more if you ride the trail out to Waltham. 
I usually get very stressed out about taking time off from work and increasing my delivery time and such or more so that I promise delivery dates that I miss. Once I close the door of the shop I let it go, but leading up to it I stress. Some bikes go through faster than others, some get late due to my personal schedule or some other overlapping business. Most other builders I know go thought the same thing, trying to balance it all and keep everyone happy [customers, my family and me too] and stay in business! If you have ever been self-employed you know what I am talking about.
I have been working in the laboring way for all of my life only since I started ANT and met Betsy have I been able to really take any consistent time off.
When I worked at the bike shop in Texas, no vacation or holidays. Fat City no paid vacation [until about the 2 last years, one week]. Nothing at IF [only un paid time off]. When I did take time off from IF lot of thing would go wrong while I was away, only to come back to paint jobs that needed to be re-done and a lot of un-welded frames to weld.
When I leave ANT…I close the door and nothing goes wrong while I am gone, no one there to burn the place down or break a tool.
One way that this all works for me now is that Betsy works at a college and gets all the holidays off and 4 weeks of vacation [my advice is get a job at a college]. Now I get this time off too. It gives me a goal to work for in between time off. I do work 6 to 7 days a week and often long hours [often 12 hour days], but hey it is worth it and I love what I do.
Betsy, Shelby and Austin are doing the Pan Mass challenge this year. I will be building a frame or bike as a fund-raiser at some point, but not sure what yet. Anyone that wants to help Betsy out with here fund-raising can go to her profile page.

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