“ANT Frameset”

Jim Roberts wants to sell his ANT Rohloff Touring frame set.

This is the frame, fork, racks, stem and bars. All for the incredible price of $1,200.00

  • 61cm seat tube [center to center]
  • 60cm top tube
  • Disc dropouts
  • Segmented fork
  • ANT stem
  • 1 1/8 threadless
  • 700c wheel size
  • Custom touring racks.
  • Can also use other internal gear hubs [Shimano 8 or Sram 9] or single speed

If Interested please contact Jim directly at jimwroberts@mac.com

So this is the 2nd ANT Rohloff bike in need of sale recently and I just had a potential customer buy a used ANT in Chicago. I just wanted to point out that this does not make me feel bad that someone is selling their ANT. I totally understand and I do this as well to fund other projects [but mostly building another ANT]. Sometimes people just want another type of bike and other times is is out of need or lack of space. I am not sure what Jims new project is, but this would be a good deal for someone that can fits this frame.

Here is a recent report from a happy Rohloff customer.

Mike – Can’t tell you how much I enjoy the bike.  I have been commuting to work since I picked it up and have taken various afternoon rides on the weekends.  Been out to hilly Harvard a couple of times.  It is quite a machine!  Not sure I would change anything.  My drive train with the Rohloff is wonderfully smooth and it is a pleasure not having any derailleurs. Seems like I don’t go anywhere without one pack on the bike.  Most times I have both rear panniers partially full of stuff.  The front rack is working nicely for my camera pack.  With my heavy camera bag strapped to the rack the bike is a bit top heavy but you quickly get used to the weight.
Two weeks ago I did 200 miles in the Northeast Kingdom of VT.  It was fantastic up there.  I did a combination of dirt and paved roads (about 60% dirt) averaging about 50 miles a day with some serious vertical.  Seems like northern Vermont is either up or down and not much flat terrain but hardly any cars.  On some of the steeper hills I was way down in first gear spinning away.  A couple of times I saw my speedo drop to less than 3mph – just barely able to stay upright on the bike!  But nothing like cruising a dirt road on the way down at 30mph – hold on tight and no false moves!  The bike handled everything real well.  Very smooth and stable ride – on the bumps you can see the front fork flexing taking up a lot of the shock.  Crossed the Long Trail a couple of times – once over Hazen Notch on rte 58 near Montgomery and the other time on rte 105 near the Canadian border going east from Richford to Newport Center.  Also crossed the Lowell mountains between rte 14 and rte 100 (Caspain Lake to Eden Mills) and that was a real thigh burner!

Don J.

Rack procrastination 😦 I have a bike that has been in my stand that is almost done…just need to make the custom racks. I am trying to figure out how to make the big U-lock and bags fit and look nice. Nothing has come to me yet, but needs to soon!

Last week I drove down to NYC to pick up my bikes from the MAD Bespoke show. I picked up Peter Weigle in CT, so we could get his bikes too. It was a long day from 8am to 9:30pm, but we had a good time and I got to finally see Peter shop. If you don’t know about Peter Weigle [Frame Saver guy], he is one of the best frame builders in the world and a great guy too [that actually rides his bike and is fit]. His bikes are pretty elusive for cost and time of delivery, but just fabulous in a “just let him make the bike” kind of way. If he had a website I would link it here, but Peter is pretty much just word of mouth, through the classic and rando crowd.

I have let myself get behind on my work and I want to say thank you to all my very patient customers. I have increased the lead time on all new orders from now on and made an update on the ordering page. September to Thanksgiving will be very busy for me and will be in the shop daily to get caught up. I may not be able to respond to a lot emails until I get caught up a bit.


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