“Swap Meet was great”

The ANT/Metroped Swap Meet was really good. We had a 100 or so people drop by and I had several friends bring their gear and set up tables. The day was cool and breezy, but the sun did pop out at times to warm things up. It was nice to see so many people, old and new friends and the general excitment of digging through boxes of bicycle parts to find a gem for cheap 🙂

We are going to have another swap meet next Spring.

I sold my Scorcher to a kid that did not even know who I was or anything about bikes and had never ridden a fixed gear. He was just enthralled by the black bike image, took it for a ride and came back with some cash. he had to borrow $40.00 from his nice girlfriend to get it up to the $500.00 I was asking for. He was really happy and had no idea what world he was entering into, really touching to me, to see another person hooked on bikes.

I was showing off [and trying to sell] my new Boston Porteur bike. This is my new base model bike and I will write something up on it soon after I get the first one built up. I sold it to a customer that had bought a bike for his wife…listen up guys, that is the way to do it…buy a bike for your lovely lady…then buy one for you 😉 I have a 60cm that I will be building up too and is for sale.

I have decided that with each blog post I make and I am going to feature a made in USA company or craftperson. While I do not think that everything needs to be US made it does not hurt to know your options. Some items will be costly and full quality, some will be quite reasonable and a competative option. Almost all can be bought direct on the web, so no need to drive anywhere to support these places.

This week I would like to feature Jones Ware Wool clothing. Some weeks I will just make the link and let you explore it. Other weeks I may go into detail why I like the featured company, but for today I need to get back to the bicyclke I am working on to finish up. A very nice Boston Roadster for Nina 🙂


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2 Responses to “Swap Meet was great”

  1. 2whls3spds says:

    Thanks for the link to Jones Ware. I will be looking forward to more links as you post them. I firmly believe in trying to purchase as much as possible from small American manufacturers, it is what REALLY drives our economy.


  2. That is very nice of you, to feature other local manufacturers and craftspeople. Wish I had been able to make it to the swap meet!

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