“Boston Porteur”

Introducing the new ANT Boston Porteur. The BP is my new basic single speed all round useful bike, that does not cost a lot. Great bike for the money, but no options, just buy and ride 😉 Please take a look at the web page description of my new bike. I plan to keep these in stock and currently have a 60cm ready.

The BP and all of my Roadsters will now be equipped with my new chainguard, that covers more of the crank and has that French Porteur look.

I used the Velo Orange aluminum guard as a model and modified the size [a bit larger], so that the guard would work with a more universal bottom bracket mount [works on my smaller guard too]. Mine is made of thin steel. It is laser cut, then folded over and welded on the edge. Now that I have this guard and mount made I will be coming out with other designs based on this guard.

On Saturday, Nina P picked up her new Boston Roadster 🙂

Nina’s Boston Roadster is my most updated model with an ANT brazed fork, new guard. She opted for WALD fold out baskets and a custom D-Rack [rather than a front Basket]. I test rode the bike around town and it was very smooth and quiet.

We are getting very excited for the next North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show [NAHBS]. This years show will be held in Austin Texas. I am originally from Texas and my brother lives in Austin, so it will be like a home-coming of sorts. It will be nice to visit my family and feel some warm weather in Feb! This years NAHBS will mark the first time that Betsy and I will be taking our kids to the show and they are very excited to be involved. I think Austin will be a great area to have the show and that many will travel to Austin to attended.

We have our bikes all picked out for the show and we will have a 10′ x 20′ booth this year [normally a 10′ x 10′], so it will be nice to have the extra space and a few more bikes to show. We like to display customer bikes for this event. Bikes that real people own and will ride, rather than a concept or show bike. These are new bikes on order that will be delivered after the show.

This weeks craftsperson is a current customer of mine. Dave Talsma builds handmade Ukuleles! Dave lives in MI and was in NYC this summer. He went to the MAD Bespoke show and was smitten with the Truss bike and decided to have a Truss bike built for himself with a very streamlined look, but still useful bike. Dave has a few classic road bikes and has restored some old Schwinn’s. It appears that Dave also builds guitars too, but I belive is very well know for his Ukuleles.


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5 Responses to “Boston Porteur”

  1. mike, your new porteur is beautiful, and who says it has no “options”? a leather saddle, aluminum fenders, chain guard, rack, bell and lights… sounds like a fairly loaded bike to me!

    the ladies’ roadster with the new chain guard looks stunning! nina p is one lucky gal!

  2. Eddie says:

    Hi Mike-

    The Boston Porteur is another wonderful addition to your lineup of amazing bikes. Looking forward to scorching the Bay Area on my Scorcher.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  4. Matt says:


    the BP looks sweet

    Susi just gave me a pair of Pointer jeans, they are my new favorites


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