“Wait times”

I delivered Perry’s Scorcher last Saturday night. We met at the halfway point of Chicopee MA [Home of Victor Bicycles in the 1890s] Perry has my 5th bike in Albany NY. His wife Laura has my old green curved tube bike and Randy and Lacey has the other 3 Albany bikes 🙂  I am friends will all of them and like to visit when we are in the Albany area, maybe go for a ride down the Hudson river trail. It is fun for me to become friends with many of my customers, go for rides and out to eat. Bicycles are a good thing in life 🙂 and people who ride them are good with me. 


Perry’s bike is a Scorcher style Roadster, with Alfine hubs and belt drive. The bike has custom stem and racks with the front made for the Swift Industries Porteur bag [waxed wear]. I think Perry picked a good color combination. Perry has been waiting since Feb and I had been stressing about getting his bike delivered. I kept promising that it would get delivered only to miss that delivery date 😦  His bike was first held up by not being able to purchase the belt drive parts, but this summer it was finally available. This summer I had a low output of work and got behind on my orders, while juggling new orders too and taking time off.

I am feeling good now, back on track and will be producing more consistently. I am very inspired about the upcoming NAHBS  and the deadline of NAHBS has gotten me more focused. I have many other customers that I will be building  bikes for in the next 2 1/2 months. Some who have also been waiting since Feb and one bike from 2 years ago.

Peter placed an order a few years ago for a touring bike, then lost his job and we sort of put it on hold. Things got better and then the bike evolved into a Truss 3 speed. I will be starting on this very soon and this will be a great bike.

I will also have bikes very soon for Andrew with a custom Basket bike, Mel with her  8 speed Light Roadster and Michael with his 9 speed Light Roadster.

The fall weather here in Boston has been really nice. Betsy, Austin and I went for a nice off-road ride on Sunday in Dover. We usually only do trail riding in the fall. Cool weather, no bugs and not to muddy, not to mention the beautiful fall foliage.

This weeks made in USA product is Pointer Brand jeans.

I bought some brown carpenter pants a few years ago and like them a lot. The price is not so bad at $32.00, so only about $10.00 more than some Dickies [no longer US made] at Walmart.  However I have to suggest not buying the stripped jeans. Different material and they have to be ironed a lot! I mean the worst pants I have ever ironed.


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3 Responses to “Wait times”

  1. S Molnar says:

    But wait, I see another Scorcher photo on the page. Is it your new bike? Is that a level top tube, or just a trick of the perspective? It looks like the brake lever is strictly for ornamental purposes – that’s a pretty odd place to hang it.

  2. antbikemike says:

    That black Scorcher was my first one and this is an old photo. the top tube does slope, but very little compared to the latest bikes.

    I just liked the fall colors in that photo 😉

  3. Annalisa says:

    Glad to hear that you are so busy, Mike! It is wonderful to see that there is a growing market for independent builders, such as yourself. I know that my bike will be worth the wait. 🙂

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