“Philly Bike Expo”

Thanks to Mark M. who is a very nice customer of mine in New Jersey, we will be exhibiting at the Philly Bike Expo! 

Here is a link to the show INFO.

Betsy and I are very excited about this development and we were disappointed about not being able to go to the expo, due to being busy and not being able to come up with the funds this summer. The bikes we will be showing are orders from that area and the DC area, so we will deliver the bikes after the event.

The exhibitor list is impressive and filled with a lot of new builders, so that will add to the excitement of seeing new work out there. May hat is off to the people at Bilenky Cycles for organizing the show.

We hope that many will come to the event and drop by to say hello.


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Bicycle frame builder
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2 Responses to “Philly Bike Expo”

  1. Smasher says:

    I’ll stop by the booth to say Hi. Sorry you and Betsy won’t be there, too.

  2. antbikemike says:

    Smasher, Maybe I did not write this correctly.

    Betsy and I will be at the show.

    My customer is paying for the booth, so I can hand deliver the bike after the show [insted of the them coming up here to pick the bike up]

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