“Skirtguards and Chainguards”

There have been so many exciting things going on in the shop I have not had time to make any blog post and I hope that I am not loosing any readers? There are so many stories I would like to tell, but really I have to keep on making my bikes and other projects. I wish I could blog so well as the blogs I like:

There are many other good blogs listed on the sidebar, but these 5 make post often more than once a day and have great photos too. Some blogs I have liked, just stop being updated and then closed…like the Mixte Gallery 😦  

I finally found a good Skirt Guard! They are bungee netted style I saw a link back on my website stats to a bicycle shop in Italy. On their site I found the skirt guard and asked if they could sell me some. The shop was very nice and got me 20 black guards. I was nervous about getting the money wired to a bank in Italy, but it worked out fine. For now the guards are only for my bikes, but maybe next year I can get more to sell as an individual sale.


I am making some headway on the next chainguards. I want a longer guard, that has some logo or name in it. The paper proto is the size and shape, but will use the full name cut into it like the older guard. I made the cut out larger too, so it can fit more styles of cranks. These projects take forever and the laser cutters are always to busy to get to my samples. If you ever want to start a new business…get into laser cutting 😉

My Frame classes have become very popular and I have done 8 this year and have 3 scheduled for March!

I have met a lot of interesting people in my classes and have learned a bit myself too. When I started ANT I never wanted to offer classes [I was kind of burned out from to many years at Indy and Fat City], but have found that are very fun. However they are intense and very tiring.

Most of the class participants are from Mass, but I have had vistiers from Japan and Nova Scotia and will have had many coming from out of state.

Tomo from Japan took a lot of pictures!

John and his CCM inspired Roadster.

Jesse took my class and got a job at Independent!

Jackson made a longtail cargo bike 🙂

Anya made a road bike and wrote about it on her blog.

I have put a hold on classes until March, so I can get back to building my bike list!! While the classes have been fun and put much needed funding into the shop I really need to deliver some bikes that have been in line for some time. I have several that have been tacked up and welded, just putting the final touches on. After those I have a cool rust colored Scorcher coming through 🙂

December will be packed with work and I will be working daily until I leave for NAHBS on Feb 19th

Thank you to everyone that has supported my work with buying a bike from me. Stayed tuned for up coming bikes.


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2 Responses to “Skirtguards and Chainguards”

  1. meligrosa says:

    hola mike
    many thanks for the mention, I’m quite flattered =)
    and what RAD post from Anya, that last photo of her and her bicycle at the end, is fantastico –xxo♥meli

  2. Urban Jeff says:

    I wish I could make bikes as well as the builders I like.

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