“Al says Thank You All”

I got a letter and some photos from Al today. He has been quite happily overwhelmed with the support from everyones cards. He had been responding with hand written responses, but just could not keep up with it, so he asked me if I could post his thank you letter on the web, net thing 🙂 I tried to scan his photos, but my scanner will not work 😦  He had a photo of some of the nice things that people had sent him.

” Hi,

I am your pal “Al, the van man”. I am the one that sold the van to Mike. He is a wonderful man for what he has done for my life.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful cards and kind words. I never thought there were people like you and others that Mike told and sent cards. You and others are very special people in the world. You don’t me or met me, but you took the time out of your life to be kind to a stranger. After everything I have been through and still going through with my cancer, I just didn’t care anymore and was ready to give up. With people like you and what you have done has brought my spirits back and look forward to life. What hurt worse was loosing my wife of 32 years, but now I know that Arlene would not want me to quit now, but to do my best and go forward. Thanks to people like you and thoughts of her. I know I can make it, I’ve got my spirits back.

Well I’ll close for now and again I want to thank you and all of Mike’s friends for being so kind to a starnger and giving me me life back.

Your pal, Al

PS I received over 250 cards!

PSS Sorry, the count has changed to 325 cards!

Al also received many gifts, that he was really thrilled about. Thank you to everyone! I am going to write to Al today and send him a few bucks to help with the money he spent sending cards back to people. I am not sure how many cards he sent back, but he said he can not send any more and wanted me to post this letter. 

Thanks, Mike & Betsy

PS Al’ said his postman was impressed and joked that he was going to get a hurt back from all the cards 😉


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One Response to “Al says Thank You All”

  1. I sent one from Singapore. I hope that it arrived.

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