“Social Network”

I was planning on working all weekend, but instead spent all that time with my sweetheart 🙂  I am so behind on my work and really need to get ready for NAHBS . I am not complaining! I just lost a lot of time getting hurt and also the holidays etc… Betsy and I had a great time. We were running some errands and ended up somewhat close to the city, so I suggested we go to Redbones for dinner. While my glory days at Redbones are gone [used to know everybody] it was still a lot of fun hanging out in the Underbones area. After dinner I suggested we walk over to the Somerville Theater to check the movie listings. The movie “Social Network” was just about to start, so the timing was perfect. The movie was about the developement of Facebook and all the in’s and out’s of starting a business with friends and peers. Like any good movie it told a good story, but I am not so sure about how it compares with the real life story. We both found it very interesting and think it is a good movie. It is also fun to watch a movie that is based in your own area. [the movie was not actually filmed at Harvard, because Harvard will no longer allow that ever since “Love Story”] but did have shots in Cambridge.

 I can, kind of, slightly relate to the story line, just with out the huge profits 😉 with my old company Independent Fabrication. And the timing of us seeing the movie fits with what is going on with my old company too. They are going through some major staff changes and the company is moving to New Hampshire. I have been gone from there for 8 years and have tried to not pay attention to it all, but have found that to be impossible. I hope it all works out and I would be sad if the company name could not weather it.

As for Facebook?It is a great idea and if I were young and single it would be a great use for social networking. I stopped using it a few years ago, because I did not like the fact that Facebook roots around in your computer, steals your email list and sends people messages, trying to get them to join [by using my name]. Also I got a computer virus from using Facebook, which cost me some money to fix it and that really killed my love for it.

It is funny to think that I am now considered old fashioned, because I only use a blog and email 😉     [no twitter or facebook]


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3 Responses to “Social Network”

  1. 2whls3spds says:

    I agree with Facebook…don’t use it and not interested. We did use it briefly for my wife’s bridal/pageant shop, however now that it is closed we no longer use Facebook. As a side note we have had more than one person terminated at work for things that were posted on Facebook as well as for using Facebook when they were supposed to be working.

    If I want to “connect” with someone, I either call them, email them or visit them in person.


  2. And I had been wondering why Harvard did not allow filming on campus. Thanks to this post I looked up the history of the filming of Love Story and now I know.

    Incidentally, I watched that movie for the second time recently, and noticed that Ali MacGraw is riding two different bikes as “her bike” in the Harvard days scenes. Both are Raleigh 3-speeds, but one is a diamond frame and the other is a step-through.

  3. Scott Fawcett says:

    I deleted my facebook account last month, but then gave in (un-deleted within the specified time period) to the looks of shock and dismay from my fellow (younger) office workers. I’m still on the fence about it.

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