“I gave in”

Winter 2011 031

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I gave in! I am using a snow blower. Betsy and I are manual type people. We like to rake leaves and use an electric mower and don’t mind shoveling snow…until now. This last storm got me to use the snow blower. Our landlord provides one and it lives in our neighbors garage [we live in a duplex]. I was against using it, but I think I will be smelling gas the rest of the winter.

Soon to driving to Texas for NAHBS 🙂  We are hoping that the weather will be clear for that trip down?


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6 Responses to “I gave in”

  1. Don’t feel bad, Mike. Peter Weigle uses a snow blower too (vintage, to boot!), and I’d say he’s a pretty manual kind of guy! After this last storm, I’d be thrilled to get a snow blower!

  2. Eric says:

    Did you look at the Wovel?


  3. Dave Talsma says:

    We used to get snow like that here in Michigan, this year there has been very little snow so far, at least where I live (center of the mitten). I bought a snow blower last year, this year I have used it one time, and that was only maybe 3 inches.

  4. Nancy Seibel says:

    hope to see you at NAHBS. We’re making the trip too & hoping for warm weather!

  5. Neil says:

    Safe drive on the way to NAHBS, Mike! Hope it is a good show.

  6. jeremy says:

    well, its 24 and snowing in texas! i could use a snow blower. 3 days ago everyone was in shorts and sandals….

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