“Off line until NAHBS”

I need to be off-line until I leave for NAHBS on Feb 20th.

I have missed way to many days due to the snow storms, snow shoveling , loss of power etc… as well as normal shop maintenance and personal related set backs.

I have some great bikes to build and take to NAHBS and will post some pictures on Flicker as they are made, but not a lot. I am driving down to Austin for NAHBS and Betsy and the kids will be flying. I really hope that weather will co-operate 🙂 and that we all get there and back safely. I will be spending a few extra days in Texas after NAHBS to spend time with my family [and hopefully feeling some warm sun!]. I will be back around March 8th.

Here is a link to a film trailer that was made a few years ago, but has been making the rounds with the Bicycle Film Festival this year. The next stop where the Antbike film can be seen is in Chicago on Feb 26th

 I am getting real close to 1,000,000 views to my WordPress blog/site! Today I am at 998,500.00 and I get about 1,000 to 2,000 views a day. Thanks to everyone that takes a look at my work and my blog 🙂

2011 is really my 10th anniversary year for ANT!

My first bike was a trike, that was to be traded for a painting, but my friend did not like the bike and I rode it around for awhile, then scrapped it [not really into trikes]…so I do not like to call that my first ANT, but the second ANT was my cargo bike the “Frontaloadontome”

"Old style Cargo bike"

This was a fun bike and I miss it. It now belongs to my friend Dave [Original Broadway Dave]  I know a lot of Dave’s! BomberDave [Started out as Dave City, Then Bomber, then Goatbike dave, then back to Bomber], then there is New Broadway Dave, hairdresser Dave and of course Cave Dave 🙂

So, yeah, anyway 10 years of ANT. Not sure if I am going to make a special bike or not? The real anniversary will be in June, so I can think about it.

Now I need to hop to it. So I may not be very responsive to emails, phone calls and such and will not be moderating comments [or looking at my favortire blogs] until I feel good about the bikes that are built and I am driving to Texas.

Thanks, Mike


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3 Responses to “Off line until NAHBS”

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  2. Good luck with NAHBS Mike, and congratulations on the 10 year ANTiversary : )

  3. Ray says:

    Congratulations on your first decade of A.N.T. and I hope you have more.
    June Open House?
    +1 Cave Dave!

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