NAHBS 2011

Well I had big plans for NAHBS and post NAHBS, but as soon as the show was over and I drove back to my mothers house, I came down with the flu!

I have been in bed all week with a high fever and chills, while outside it has been 70 degrees, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. I am on the way back now, but will be driving back to Boston tomorrow, back to snow and cold and lots and lots of work to do.
The show was really good and so busy that I did not get out of the booth very much and I really did not see anything or visit with many other builders. I can not pick a favortie bike, because I do not know what was shown 😦  However I think Naked had a really interesting bike, that got People’s Choice Award. While the show was fantastic for turn out, it was the worst for softgood sales. I had special shirts made [one case of 72] and did not sell one! When I get back I will take some pictures and see if I can sell them on the site at cost.
When I get back next week I will post our pictures and write more about the trip. I am on my step fathers laptop, which i find very difficult to use. I like a regular keyboard and mouse 🙂 and while being sick I can not think straight at all, even now that I am almost done with this flu.



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10 Responses to NAHBS 2011

  1. Jon Grinder says:

    I’ll take a shirt, size Medium. Just let me know how much and how to pay.

  2. eddie says:


    It was great meeting you and your family at the show! Your bikes and display were incredible. I meant to pick up a shirt and a hat but got so caught up in the moment that I forgot.

  3. Seth Vidal says:

    Please keep us informed about the tshirts.

  4. I’m always needing new t shirts. I’ll be buying at least one.

    I’ve already had my bout with the flu this year, I know what you’re going through. Sorry you couldn’t enjoy the weather.

  5. 2whls3spds says:

    T shirts are good, put me down for a L/XL.

    Flu is not good, get better and take your time heading back to the miserable weather.


  6. tastewar says:

    Feel better, Mike! Good to hear your “voice,” though. Please do post about the shirts — I’d likely buy one.

  7. Bob Baxter says:

    I’ll take a L shirt Mike. You can put it in the box with the Box Bike. Let me know how much you need for shipping (the bike).

  8. Sean O'Bryan says:

    I had a geat time time meeting you at the show and finally getting to see some ANTs in person. I picked up a shirt (the original black one), but I’d be happy to pick a Native Texant shirt too. Being a native Masshole in Texas wouldn’t qualify me to wear one, but being an avid ANT fan would. Looking forward to seeing the shop when I am back in MA sometime.


  9. Jason says:

    I’ll buy a shirt for sure…

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