“Back from home to home?”

"Not sweet tea"

Well it was a long drive back from Texas, but I finally got back safely 🙂 In a few years I will have lived in Massachusetts as long as I lived in Texas! It was really nice to see all of my family and I wish I could have spent more time with them 😦  I am also very glad to be home to my little family! This is the longest Betsy and I have ever been apart and it is really good to be back.

NAHBS 2011 was a very well attended event and I thank everyone that came to our booth to say hello. We had people come all over the world, just to say hello to ANT, which really makes it all worth the trouble to get to the show. Betsy up-loaded the pictures to Flicker, so take a look around.

Special thanks to Texas Tim for helping us with the show and picking up me a breakfast burritos from “Juan in a Million” We had a surprise visit from Eddie J from Oakland CA. Eddie was the new owner of the “Rust Scorcher” and he has been waiting since last Feb for his bike. It was really nice to meet him and again assures me I have great customers 🙂 Also thanks to Colonel’s Bicycles for helping my with my wheel stands

Today I did a little NAHBS searching to see all the great stuff that I missed [happens every year] and found out about the new Paul’s seatpost, which I am very happy to see…a USA made post with setback! I found the video interview I did with Commute By Bike and I am happy with the results.

Thanks to all the people who have written in about buying the NAHBS T-Shirt. I will take some pictures of the shirt soon and make a new soft goods page on the website, so it will be easier to manage. The shirt is white with my standard logo on the back [box with ant carrying leaf] and a modified Texas flag on the front, that says “Native Texant”

On my last day in Fort Worth I dragged my self out and went for a bike ride on the wonderful  Trinty Trail. I forgot my camera, so I do not have any pictures. The trail has been extended and I really wanted to see that part [right by my mom’s house]. sadley the extention is named after someone I knew back in the day “Art Cowsen”, who died a few years back. As soon as I hit the trail I ran into Jeremy of Gallus, a local bicycle builder. He turned around and rode with me. It was sunny and a very nice 60 degrees :). The ride did me well and cleared me out a bit and it was nice to sweat in a non-flu kind of way! It was hard to leave my mom behind and also the warm Texas sun [I always forget how nice it is in the winter there], but my time had run out and I need to get back to work. I have so many things to it is hard to think straight, but I will just make a list and start at the top 🙂


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One Response to “Back from home to home?”

  1. Dave Talsma says:

    Hi – I see the shirts for sale are not yet on the site?

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