“Good kind of busy”

"Mike and Neil in shop"

Well it has been a very long time since I have made a blog post and wonder if I have lost my audience? I have been burning the candle at both ends since January  and very much so since coming back from NAHBS. It is all good here, just have not been able to sit down, write and up load any pictures. I am getting some good work done now and have some rims coated and in the oven now [9:30pm] and thought I would post a few words and pictures….now where to start 😉

My frame building classes have become very popular and have been booked up most weeks from March to October! The classes started as a way to bring more business into the shop, but now after meeting so many nice and interesting people the classes have become fun too. It has been very satisfying to take someone from no fabricating knowledge to making their own bike in short time. I would say that about 50% of the classes are for people that treat this as a vacation, 25% are testing the waters, but not real serious and the last 25% are also testing the waters, but much more likely to go on building.

Right now I have Neil here taking my extended course. He lives in Tokyo and plans to set up shop there within the next year. He was teaching English in Japan, but has also worked in various manufacturing jobs before teaching. Neil has taken to welding very quickly and I think will have no problem making a go at it.

"Neil's first bike"

This summer I will also have returning students that will be taking another short course, but with tools being made for them. Anya and John will be setting up shop in the DC area and Tomo from Kyoto Japan. All three of these students did very well with their TIG welding too.

"Tomo meets Canoli"

This March I had classes with Kate from Broadway Bicycle [no pictures yet], Cedric from CT and Stephen from NY.

"Cedric built a bike for his wife...hint,hint 😉

"Stephen with his 11 speed dream bike"

I have some great classes coming up this summer and will post more photos.

I have also been building some really nice bikes too 🙂 and working on my backlog [weekends and nights and off class weeks].

"Jakes SS Light Roadster"

"Brandon's Boston Roadster"

"Mark's Rohloff Light Roadster"

I have bikes being assembled now for Ed and Bob [Basket Bikes] and a full custom Basket bike for Rod in the works. To help with my backlog I have brought in my old friend “Cave Dave” to build wheels and assemble bikes. Dave worked for me at Independent back in the day and is an all round handy man. I ran into Dave a few weeks ago at the Firefly opening and it was nice to see him again and I found out that he was freelance working. Dave’s help is really good for me to get caught up on my backlog.

I have a bunch of Truss frames in the works for Geoff H. , Ronald and Dave T.  A very nice Light Roadster for Jim S. and Sean G.   A S&S Touring bike for Joe R. and two sets of couples Roadsters for Scott and his wife and also for Zak & Lydia. [I am really into the bikes made for couples]. I have a lot more bikes on the list than this that I can get into detail later, but I have to say that the Truss bike is becoming very desirable.

Bike Expos are popping up all over the country. This last weekend we went to NYC for the New Amsterdam Bike Expo. We stayed with my customer David and Patricia in Brooklyn, then road over to the show on Saturday.

"David leading the way"

"Lanes of Brooklyn"

The show was a great success and I would be happy to return next year….however I might spring for a bigger booth. The 5′ x 10″ was crammed in between to other small booths with no room to spare. One one side my friend Brian at Royal H and on the other new friends at Folk Engineering. It was a good thing we were all nice and got along with each other just fine, because it was tight!  The turn out was very good with a lot of high quality people. I got to talk many of my NYC customers attending the show and see their much loved bikes 🙂

"Our booth"

"Lots o people"

"Bike vallet"

"Mark and his Light Roadster"

This coming weekend will be the New England Bike Expo in Somerville MA. [My old stomping grounds]. I think this is going to be a great bike expo and hope that you can make it [however it is on Mother’s Day weekend!]

Stayed tuned for up coming pictures on Flicker and I will make a post after the next expo.


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4 Responses to “Good kind of busy”

  1. Dave Talsma says:

    Wow I’m mentioned in the blog, I think I may see light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. o.cubed says:

    Some of us check in every few days. Info and pics are great – Thanks for posting!

  3. TX Tim says:

    Nope, still here. Still checking pretty much everyday. Glad you’re the good kind of busy, keep up the GREAT work!

  4. Mike, this is indeed a good kind of busy! I am very pleased for you. May the streets of Boston and beyond be over-run with truss frame bikes!

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