Spring turned to Summer, then Summer to…

It has been quite a while since I could make time to write a blog post and now Summer is almost over!

Zak Lee posted his short film on the web, so I can now post it 🙂   The film was being shown in the Bicycle Film Festival and he had to sign an agreement to not post the film on the web, before the film festival had finished it’s tour.

My summer has been going very well, but I have been putting in a lot of hours at the shop, doing my best to get caught up on my backlog. I was so late on several orders I decided to not go on a planned vacation this month to do a big push of finishing bikes. While I was sad to not go with my family on our trip to Seattle I did get a lot of work finished and or almost done and I feel much better now. I did get to take a week off and go on our annual MV bike trip!

I have 15 bikes in this process, that I have built the frames and have welded the frames on. I am now picking them off one by one doing all the finish work, making forks, racks and coating. I have my friend Dave building wheels and assembling the bikes for pick or shipping.

Bikes for couples.

Over the years I have built bikes for couples and I really enjoy that and have had many that have bought a bike for their sweetheart.

A few years ago Peter and Elizabeth had bikes made for their 10th anniversary. This year I have Zak and Lydia’ s bikes for their 10th anniversary too and a set of getting married bikes for Scott and Ting.

Maybe you could buy a set of bikes for you and your sweetheart 🙂

Zak & Lydia's 3 speeds

Scott & Tings Single speeds

Next in line this week and next will be:

  • Sean G.
  • Susan D.
  • Jim S.
  • Joe R.
  • Jose D.
  • Jasen S.
  • Maurice W.
  • John M.
  • Constance W.
  • Rod L.
  • Marc L.

I have a new way of doing business that I am really looking forward too.

I am now going to sell time slots in the calendar, taking deposits for a specific week in the year [just like I have been doing for my frame building classes]. I am only going to sell 3 weeks in each month, leaving one week open for maintenance, repairs and warranties etc…The only caveat will be that all design decisions will have to be decided at least a a week before your time slot arrives…or you will get bumped to the back of the list 😦

My frame building classes have worked very well this way and I think applying this method to the bike building will be very affective at keeping everyone much happier. Bikes will be delivered on time, I will get paid on time and should not have to put in the 7 days a week to keep up 🙂  Getting myself caught up, so I can implement this new way of taking orders has been a priority and that is why I have not been on the web much and did not go on our trip we planned.

PMC: Betsy’s fund raising needs.

Betsy and Shelby did the Pan Mass Challenge again this year and I want to help Betsy raise her donations [$1,000.00 total].

I think she needs about $600.00, so what I would like to do is offer anyone who donates $25.00 to her efforts here. I will send you either a ANT fleece hat or a pair of small wool socks [sorry sm is all I have]. If you send the donation, just put a note in Betsy’s PMC page and email me your address.

I have demo bikes for sale 🙂  I might take an offer on them, if anyone has been thinking about it? I will have another Road/Rando bike for sale in the next weeks too. 56cm in black, all built up and with a VO front bag.

Now that I am getting caught up on my backlog I will start posting more on the blog 🙂



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3 Responses to Spring turned to Summer, then Summer to…

  1. Alistair says:

    Mike, this piece documents your process nicely. I enjoyed watching it.

  2. Perry Woodin says:

    Loved the video. And the music was great. Reminded me of Paris Texas.

  3. The “his and her” bikes look beautiful!

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