“Taco Shack”

My brother who lives in Austin, has been going to this Taco Shack for about 30 years. I wish I could be down there with him, having breakfast outside on the patio.

One of the pains of living so far away from Texas is missing my family and tacos. Now we can now get pretty good Mexican type food up here in Massachusetts, but it is just not the same thing. In fact my growing up in Fort Worth Texas with it’s Mexican food is nowhere near the food experience you would have in say Austin.  There are many differences in flavor, but, the real defining difference is the tortilla. A good tortilla taste like bread…the ones we have up here taste like paste 😦

My brother said that Austin is filled with smoke from the huge fires and that he knew 3 people that have lost their homes! As you might already know Texas has been going through a terrible heat wave and drought [on top of the normal terrible heat], so it is no surprise that the place is now on fire. I used to thrive on the heat, but after 22 years of living in Massachusetts I have grown to like the nice cool weather here.

This summer has been so very cool and comfortable. The rain has been a bit much, but is hard to complain about that little discomfort compared to the lack of rain everywhere else. new England is so green and I love it.

I sold all of the demo bikes, so thank you. The last two I sold to BlueLug in Japan and they placed and order for a Truss bike. I got the lead from my friend Nao at 3RRR Products. Nao got in touch with some questions about making racks. I sent him some info and links for rack building and mentioned that he should find someone to buy my wonderful demo bikes…and he came up with BlueLug 🙂

I have frame a class starting this Monday the 12th and I need to get the shop cleaned up and ready! The following weeks are filled with classes and I look forward to having all these students from all over. I have to say that it has been satisfying to have people come from so far away to take my class and or buy a bike.

The last bike that I finished up, going to Susan down in New Jersey has been getting a lot of review. The Mustard color with the yellow rims has hit a spot for a lot of people.

Next coming up are a few really nice bikes too.

  • Jim’s 3 speed Light Roadster
  • Joe R’s S&S Touring bike
  • Constance’s Truss bike
  • Maurice’s 8 spd Light Roadster

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One Response to “Taco Shack”

  1. Steve in MD says:

    Mike, I can identify with you missing Texas and tacos. I’m a displaced Californian (Sacramento) living in Maryland for the past 30 years. I miss all of the variety and homemade flavors of the Mex food there. BTW, I found your site through Lovely Bicycle! and I’m lusting after a truss bike. Steve

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