“Short video and Cargo bikes”

Here is a short video of me brazing some cable guides on a Basket Bike. I made this last winter, while working late one night and wanted to test my camera out. I must have done something wrong, because I can not view the video on my computer and back then I could not load it up online either [maybe to big a file?]. I decided to try again today, while I was working in the shop and could just let this upload onto youtube as long as it took [which was about 2 hours!]

The video I posted from an employee from Brompton was really awesome, but he was quickly asked to pull it off youtube 😦     Brompton had him replace it with a stock video from the company.

Just finished up Jim Skinners Light Roadster 3 speed, with mostly American parts. Jim is from Canada and has been waiting since June 2010. I have two other long awaited bikes in the delivery time range that are soon to be finished too [Joe R’s Touring bike and Rod Ls Belt Drive, Alfine 11 Basket bike!]

I am very close to cleaning out all late orders 🙂  After these next few, then I will be on track for on time delivery in what ever my calendar has listed [currently 7 months].

This video was posted over at Eco Velo and I really like it.

I like to think I helped sort of jumpstart the cargo bike movement a when I built my second ANT in May of 2001…the Frontaloadontome. But maybe that is a bit of a stretch on my thinking?

This bike I made was a copy of the Filibus, made by Michael Kempher in Germany. I had seen the bike in the Encycleopedia, maybe in 1998 [an English publication] and thought someday I want to build and use one of those.

Around the same time I was also influenced by Simon Firth, who was the builder behind the Bilenky cargo bike. As well as the Long Johns made by CAT [Center for Appropriate transportation] The CAT website is down? So no link.

When I first started ANT I built two Frontal’s for Redbones BBQ for bike delivery around Somerville and they just ordered another one. As for any others I have only built a handful of cargo bikes. A cargo bike and or Basket Bike is a lot of work to make and hard to come up with a price for the work involved, so I am really no longer in the cargo bike business…people just don’t order them from me.

I found that most people wanted the Bakfiets style bike, so they can carry their kids. It is really hard to beat the price and quality of the Workscycle Bakfiets, that you can buy from Seattle or Chicago Dutch bikes. Here is a quick list of places to buy cargo bikes.

Probably others, but I do not know of them. I am pretty sure there is a cargo specialty shop in Portland OR, but I can not find the shops name.

I have not included long bikes in this list, but some of these shops sell those too. I had never been a big fan of the longtail cargo bikes, but have come too understand the good use of them. Here is a quick list of longtails.

Here is a helpful blog about cargo bikes.


And I forgot to mention this guy that makes homemade cargo bikes out of used bikes. Really cool stuff, that has a fun edge to it.

Tom’s Cargo Bikes

Then there is one of my favorites…the Basket Bike. My first one was made in 2002 and have made many of these [compared to my Frontal].

I have made many variations of this bike, but the first one had the same frame design as the Frontal [Pierced tube style frame]. There has been a recent surge in Basket Bikes being made [aka Cycle Truck]. Here is a quick list of those.

So many great things are happening with bikes!


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11 Responses to “Short video and Cargo bikes”

  1. Jim says:

    Mike, why are you not a fan of long tail bikes? I understand it may partially be a regional phenomenon; my local Xtracycle (please not spelling) dealer is selling their stock Radish and Big Dummies relatively quickly because of all the young moms showing up at school with their kids. As
    a child transport vehicle they’re great and a fraction of the cost of a Bakfiets or any hand made option.

    • antbikemike says:

      Hi Jim,

      I said that I was originally not a fan of them, but have come to see the good applications of them for other people.
      For me personally my cargo bike was about carrying big boxes and other bulky items. The long tails have a hard time carrying a 24″ cube etc…You can strap bike boxes though 🙂

      Also I used my Frontal for trash picking night. I find it much easier to carry things I find…chairs, tables, bikes etc…I like the front loading for these things, so you can fit it and so you can keep watch of your found item to keep it from coming loose [and reach out and hold it]

      Longtails are good and I am glad that they are made and easy to get [Yuba especially].

  2. Jim says:

    Ha: please notE spelling myself.

  3. Cargo Bikes says:

    Splendid Cycles (http://splendidcycles.com) is a cargo bike specialty dealer in Portland.

    Here are some other cargo bike dealers from coast to coast…

    Flying Pigeon, Los Angeles; Wheelhouse Bikes, Santa Barbara; JC Lind Bike Co., Chicago; Hudson Urban Bicycles, NY; Adeline Adeline, NY; Rolling Orange, Brooklyn; Calhoun Cycles, Minneapolis; Mindful Bike, Denver.

    A lot of these are quite new – which sort of re-enforces the the fact that cargo bikes are on the rise!

    Join the forum at: http://facebook.com/cargobikes

  4. Mike, don’t be modest. You are definitely influential in the redevelopment of US cargo bike manufacturing and in the rebirth of american framebuilding in general. Your stuff is unique, practical and stylish. More importantly, you demonstrate that bike building is a worthy endeavor with a deep history and an interesting future. Way to keep it real.

  5. Phillip Ross says:

    Hey Mike! What Jonathan Reed said!



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