Winter has not even started yet, but Spring will be here before you know it…especially if you plan on having me build you a bike or take a frame building class 😉

I am booked up into late May of 2012.  The next week I have open is the week of May 21st to 25th  So if anyone was on the fence about booking a week for a bike or class for this coming Spring, you might want to get in touch.

My brother sent me this picture of an Austin City worker, that was riding this cargo bike made by the Austin Bike Zoo. A few years ago, Betsy had a conference down in Texas and while we were riding around on Congress street we saw the Bike Zoo’s Snake Bike. At that time I did not know of the bike Zoo and it was to dark to get a photo. Looks like a pretty cool place and they now sell these Cargo Bikes.

This Wednesday will be start of a 6 week frame building class for Michael Brown of Maestrocycles. Michael is a semi retired engineer, from Pittsburgh PA, who used to own a bicycle shop back in 90’s and is currently a cycling coach.

When I have a 6 week course we build a total 6 bikes for the student and also I build a few ANT bikes with the student helping with frame prep, but I weld the ANT’s. This summer I had Michael up for a one day welding class and he has been practicing all summer, as well as welding up projects for the shop [welding tables and such]. He has found a nice space to lease in Pittsburgh and will be stetting up shop shortly after finishing the class.

I still need to deliver tools to my other extended students and will be finishing up their tools today and tomorrow. I have tools for Tomo Nakano in Kyoto Japan, Neil Hinton in Tokyo Japan and Anya Watson & John  Hanson in the DC area.

My next bikes in line are:

  • Rod’s Basket Bike
  • Jose’ Basket Bike
  • Constance’s Truss bike
  • Paul’s Truss bike
  • Blue Lug’s Truss bike
  • West End’s Truss bike
  • Matt’s Truss bike
  • Mark’s Truss bike

Mmm…kind of seeing a trend here 😉

2 thoughts on ““Springtime”

  1. Bike design as transportation is my thing too. I don’t mind a race now and then. There is excitement in the chase.

    I am planning a bike trip from Kodiak, Alaska to Key West, Florida. I am going to use a road bike and trailer. I wish there was a better way. I can imagine a delta trike that can be both a recumbent and a traditional upright. I can see a velomobile fairing and a gear ratio for climbing and high speed flat riding. It is all fantasy, but most innovation is until it exists.

    I like to hear your ideas about a 6,000 mile ride in the hot American summer.

    Please visit my blog at johnsamericabiketour.blogspot.com

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