“First week”

For Michael’s first week we made some heavy city bikes. Using thick wall tubing makes it much easier to grasp the frame welding process, to work your way up to the thinner wall bicycle tubing.

We made two of them and got the together late Friday night, so we could use them for a tour of Boston on Saturday. Michael had not been to Boston before, so Betsy and I gave him the big bike tour of the sites. We love to take guest around Boston by bike, not to mention a beautiful fall day. It was a bit windy and brisk, but we were dressed for it.

The bikes were as simple and basic as you can make a bike and really one of my favorites to ride. A nice black Roadster, one piece cranks, coaster brake. The only additions were a bell and lights.

These bikes conjure up a scene like this 😉



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One Response to “First week”

  1. TX Tim says:

    Beautiful bikes, and a beautiful time to be in Boston.

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