‘Old Spokes Home”


A few weeks ago I got a surprise visit from Glenn Eames from the Old Spokes Home.  The Old Spokes Home is a very special bicycle shop and Museum located in Burlington VT. I had never met Glenn, but we are Flicker contacts and I knew of his shop. It had been a long time since I had taken a look at his website and it has been very much improved with a great library of his collection.

Glenn was in Holliston, picking up a bicycle he had bought. The guy selling it knew of me, because he tried to sell me the bike. While I would love to have a stable of turn of the century bicycles, I just do not have the space and money to do so…my hat is off to people like Glenn 😉 and I thank him for posting his collection on his website.

The bicycle that Glenn bought is called a “Sterns” and it is a shaft drive bike. At the end of the 1890’s bike boom, shaft drive bikes were the cream of the crop and this one is a fine example. I wish I knew more about bicycles of this era. While I know a little, there is so much to know, so many companies that existed and so many that were bought up or put out of business by patent laws.

I found this bike pretty inspiring. Not to copy or make shaft drive bike…just inspiring to make more antique style bikes that have this same feeling. I did take a few measurements, just out of curiosity.

  • HT angle 66.5
  • ST angle 74.5
  • ST length 520mm
  • TT length 575mm
  • Chain Stay length 460mm
  • BB drop 70mm
  • Cranks 165mm
  • Wheel base 1250mm
  • [I need to get these numbers into my frame program to figure out the fork rake, but I am going to guess about 60mm]

I took a thorough look through Glenn’s collection and saw some bikes that I really like. I have a few other inspiring bike contacts that get the ideas flowing.





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