“Xmas favor…again”

Last Christmas I  wrote a post here, and asked my readers to please send a Xmas card to “Al the van man”.

The outpouring of help was amazing and in the end Al ended up with 450 cards  and gifts from all over the world!

I got a card from Al on Easter and Thanks Giving. I wrote back to him this Thanks Giving and Xmas. I did not ask how his cancer was doing, just wished him well. He sent me a Xmas card and letter telling me that had a bunch of polyps removed, but that was not enough and that he does have colon cancer and this January he was going in to have most of his intestines removed 😦

Al had also written to me with a heart breaking story about his earlier life with his first wife and his missing children. So distressing that I had denied his request to post it to “The Internet thing”…I will just leave it that Al is a nice guy and is still going through some hard times and probably will up until he passes away.

If you all that sent a card to Al last year was wondering how he is doing…he is still hanging in there, but he would love to hear from you again, just to get him through one more Xmas and New year.

If anyone would like to pitch in again and send Al a Holiday card, then please do 🙂  he would appreciate it very much. Al is all alone and still writing to a kid [me the old guy] who had bought an old used van from him 6 years ago.


Albert Dandeneau    10 Tell St. Fl #1     Providence RI        02909-1044


Thanks, Mike


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3 Responses to “Xmas favor…again”

  1. Lorna says:

    Hi there. Is Al still going? Just found this story through mefi and wondered if I could write him a card?

    • antbikemike says:

      I have not heard from Al since last year, so I am not sure if he is still around 😦

      I should write to him and see if he is still OK, but I have a feeling he is no longer here 😦

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