“Yard Sale”

I am having an ANT Winter Yard Sale.

I have a few projects that I want to fund, so out with a few bikes I have.

New ANT Roadster $600.00 SOLD

  • Basic bike
  • Coaster brake only
  • Lights & Bell
  • ANT full suit ring
  • 57 x 58cm [perfect for me at 5’7″]
  • Down tube paint has a few bubbles in it, but other than that a few hundred miles and it good shape.

This bike was a prototype for a new model I am working on and I am so happy with this bike, that I am moving ahead with the project, based on this geometry and design. Best riding bike that I have ever made. A fun bike to ride, not much to it.

Road bike $2,100.00

  • 52x x55cm [fits someone around 5’7″ to 5’9″]
  • Sloping top tube design with big head tube for up right seating
  • Up right stem, but can but I can change for lower drop.
  • Shimano 105 10 speed
  • 34/50T rings x 12/30 cogs
  • currently fitted with 700 x 25 tires with fenders [at 22lbs total]
  • Very low miles and in perfect shape

Nice bike and I would be happy to keep it, but I have this project I want to get going with.

Random Fixed gear Roadster to be built $3,000.00

I have a bunch of parts that have been building up for last few years and I am going to turn them into a bike. I plan to make this soon and as a medium sized bike, but if you buy it now I can fit it to you. The parts are already decided, so not much room in that area, but a real nice bike.

  • Paul’s rear hub, fixed only. black.
  • Sturmey front drum brake hub
  • Red rims
  • Schwalbe delta cruisers in brown 700 x 35mm
  • King HS, 1″ threaded in gold
  • ANT stem
  • Oxford bars
  • Honey Leather tape
  • Brooks B72 saddle
  • Straight alloy post
  • Woodys fenders, compound curve in Leopard wood
  • Reverse brake lever
  • IQ Cyo Dyno headlamp & battery tailight on fender
  • I plan to coat frame and fork dark green #6007 [or buy it now and choose your color]. I could also go with black frame and with cream tires.

If anyone is interesting, please email or call.

January was really busy with frame classes…as well as November and December.

In November & December, I had Michael Brown training to start his frame shop that is called Maestro Frameworks.  Michael is just about ready, actually he is ready, just waiting on his milling machine and alignment table, that I am shipping to him this week.

Michael has been involved with bicycles for a long time. Starting as a road racer in the late 70s, a pro wheel builder and then owned a retail shop in Pittsburgh from 88 to 91…also while working full time as an engineer for a natural gas company. He was offered an early retirement from the gas company and thought this would be his chance to get back into the bicycle business. Michael has also been working as a cycling coach and is well integrated in the Pittsburgh cycling scene.

In January I had a return visit from John  Chisholm  from Halifax, Nova Scotia . John is trying to raise state funds to build a bicycle factory called Halifax Bicycle Works. We built a prototype last year and then built two new prototypes this Jan. Probably another year in the making, but this is pretty exciting stuff.

While John is getting skills to make the prototypes, he is not planning on working in the shop. He just wants to create the operation and be able to provide Canadian made Roadster bicycles…that he can sell in his own shop and distribute. John stays quite busy as a producer of documentary films for National Geographic and other Television projects, as well as a professional musician too!

Then we had Scott’s class where we built a nice set of Roadster frames for he and his wife [sorry no pictures].

The followed up with Josh’s class building his dream bike [and could be for many others]… Custom lugged touring bike, Alfine 11 speed, belt drive, disc brakes, Nitto racks, Versa shifter, VO fenders, Schmidt hub and lights, Mavic A719 rims, Pauls post, Brooks saddle, dual leg stand and a custom stem…also Pitlocks for everything!

Sorry no finished pictures. It was a long week and it was snowing when we finished [indoor bike shots in my shop are really bad]

I am without classes until February 27th. I have a lot of bikes to build and other projects to attend to. A few bikes did not happen in the weeks of Michael Browns class, so I am a bit behind and have a few other shop related fires to put out. I believe that I can get caught in the next weeks up to Feb 27th and get back on track 🙂


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One Response to “Yard Sale”

  1. Harald says:

    Josh’s touring bike sounds totally awesome. Maybe you can ask him for some pics of the finished bike. I’d be really curious to see it!

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