"Claudius in Germany"

"Claudius in Germany"

This frame set is going to Claudius in Berlin. This will be my 2nd bike to go to Germany 🙂

I do not do a lot of international sales, because of the shipping and payment complications, but I have shipped to Canada, Japan, Indonesia.

It is very difficult to give an accurate quote for the cost and it seems to change often from month to month. Last November I shipped two complete bikes to Blue Lug in Tokyo and it cost about $500.00 for both. Last week I shipped them a frame set and it cost $450.00? And for taxes and duties, who knows what will happen on their end.  The people at Blue Lug were very kind to help with the added unexpected shipping cost.

I shipped this awesome Truss bike to Spectrum in Indonesia last year and they stiffed me for $577.00 for their shipping! I asked over and over to get paid for the shipping with no response and they have the gall to list me on their website?

"Truss bike for Spectrum"

"Truss bike for Spectrum"

This was not the first time I have let myself get stiffed for shipping, but it will be the last.

Thankfully I have good customers like Claudius, Blue Lug and many others that make up for situations like Spectrum.




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2 Responses to “International”

  1. Matthew J says:

    Shame Spectrum did not pay the shipping. Simply wonderful bike you sent them.

    The Euro is still relatively high against the dollar. When Claudius starts riding his bike around Germany I predict you will be getting some inquiries.

  2. That front rack on Claudius’ bike is awesome! (I’m designing a “picnic” bike around food-transport, and I need a nice big takeout rack on the front!)

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