“Truss fever”

"Mark D's red Truss bike"

"Mark D's red Truss bike"

“Trust the Truss” was the Iver Johnson slogan.

It is hard to go wrong with a Truss bike like Mark D’s bike. Fully equipped the way all ANT bikes should be, with all Paul’s components {Hubs, Cranks, Brakes, Levers, Seatpost} King HS, Phil cog and White Ind freewheel. ANT/MKS pedals, ANT stem, Selle Antomica saddle, Hunt Wilde grips.

The imported parts are rims, chain, tires, tubes and handlebars. {and fork crown for frame parts} The next Truss bike I build for the shop will have more US made components to almost complete the package {WALD handlebars, Velocity rims and my Dual plate fork crown}. You could also use a Gates belt, with Phil Wood belt drive sprockets. The only thing not US made would be the tires and tubes. There was one US tire made, but they just went out of business in December {NuTek, airless tires}. I was really not on board with the air injected tires. I suspect they did not ride that well.

I have been using more and more Paul’s components and I am really impressed with their quality. Paul’s now offer a high polish option for more of their parts {most recently brake levers}.

"Pauls cranks and ANT/MKS Pedals"

"Pauls cranks and ANT/MKS Pedals"

'Paul's Racer brakes"

'Paul's Racer brakes"

There are more pictures on Flickr.

Next up is Ellen’s Boston Loop Frame Roadster. Her partner had placed the order for Ellen’s 50th birthday 🙂  2012 will be a big year for ANT bikes and frame classes as gifts {hint, hint }

























5 thoughts on ““Truss fever”

  1. Well now. I have been enjoying my trussless light roadster for some time, but this post makes me wonder what I missing. I think I may have an easy way to scratch the itch, though. My first bike was a Schwinn Bantam sporting a bolt-on top tube. In that vein, perhaps bolt on trusses could be produced! I am only half joking. A bolt on truss would fit nicely into the rich US history of bolt on gas tanks. Often removed, but later coveted for those seeking “complete” vintage balloon tire bicycles. Hmm. Dropping the idea for now to go make gravy on toast.

    Hope you are well!

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