“Turkey day”

"Turkeys in Brookline"

"Turkeys in Brookline"

I was delivering Ellen’s Roadster today and came across a flock of turkeys in the road…this is in Brookline, which is pretty close to down town Boston! I had to pull over and get a shot of this.

"Ellen's 8 speed Roadster"

"Ellen's 8 speed Roadster"

Ellen bought this Roadster for her partner as gift. Classic black Roadster with all the things I find useful in a transport bike.

'Minora Basket"

'Minora Basket"

"Velo Orange rack"

"Velo Orange rack"









Today I am going with Betsy to one of her conferences in Las Vegas, for the week. Not my kind of place, but I get to spend some quality time with Betsy and rest up {my hands act up sometimes, when doing a lot of finish work}

I am taking an old crappy laptop {that I use for a shop radio} and see if I can do a little work and blogging, but we will see.



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