" A box that gets attention"

" A box that gets attention"

On Friday, Betsy I got back from her conference in LasVegas. We sort of took a red-eye back, but it had a layover in Cleveland. The first leg was from 11pm to 5am and unfortunately there was a crying baby right behind us 😦  Now I am not anti child at all, but hey…who takes an infant to LasVegas and takes the red-eye home? The final leg to Boston was good and we got a little sleep. We arrived around 9am and was home by 11am. We had a minor set back, because I accidentally took someone’s suitcase! Luckily we got a frantic call from the airport, right as we were in the taxi and were able to turn around.

We took a little nap and then got our lives started again. We had a nice time, but we were happy to be home. I managed to get into the shop and do a few things, emails, phone calls, order materials, pay some bills etc…I brought the mail in and found a very unexpected package.

I open it up and thought this must be some sort of mistake? A big new box from Phil Wood. Inside were a pair of the Phil/Blue Lug Tsunami fund raising hubs…absolutely beautiful.

'Phil Wood/Blue lug hubs"

'Phil Wood/Blue lug hubs"

At first I did not see the note, but then found it underneath the shipping label and to my surprise these hubs were sent as a gift to me from someone I do not know? I was flabbergasted! I felt so undeserving, but delighted at the same time.

"Nice note"

"Nice note"

Dear Mike:

Phil Wood ran this limited edition run of fixed hubs to raise funds for Japanese tsunami victims. Originally thought I had a bike idea to build around the hubs. Since changed my mind so have no use for them-other than helping out which I have done, of course.

I follow your blog and like your approach to your work and the people you go out of your way to help. I figure if any builder can put these to good use it will be you.

Hope you like them

Matthew J.


I will put them to good use. Thank you very much!

"Special tag for hubs"

"Special tag for hubs"

"Rear hub 18T cog"

"Rear hub 18T cog"

"Front hub"

"Front hub"


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6 Responses to “Gift”

  1. Welcome home! What an amazing gift! Not quite a winning lottery ticket, but a whole lot more than most folks got. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  2. S. Molnar says:

    I predict Mike will use them to … wait for it … Build A Pair Of Wheels!

  3. A New Bike says:

    Hey We did a short story on a guy with an AntBikeMike, Jim. Maybe worth checking out: http://anewbike.com/antbikemike/

    • antbikemike says:

      Thanks for the link. I remember Jim E. A great guy and glad to have on one of my bikes. I listened to a few more of the interviews. Great idea 🙂

  4. Charlotte says:

    Wow, that’s wonderful! I agree with him, these hubs should go to you! Well done Matthew, thank you for choosing a really great guy to delight. 🙂

  5. TX Tim says:

    Amazing and wonderful, like you. I can’t wait to see what bike they end up on.

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