“A new way”

"Tom and his Truss"

“Tom and his Truss”

2012 has been  great year for my Frame Building Classes and I have been enjoying the classes almost as much as my students. Meeting people from all over the world, who are as excited about bicycles as I am and helping them with their desire to craft one of their own. I would say that 99% of the people that have been taking my classes have a similar taste and like the work I have been producing and are interested in emulating my style or take some of it for their own.

"Dave A and his Cargo Bike"

“Dave A and his Cargo Bike”

I only have about 10 more bikes in the works and the rest of the time-slots are classes until March 2013, which include 3 of my 6 week courses [these are people that want to set up a bike making business]. I started teaching classes in December of 2009 and since then it has steadily grown to almost the only interest in my shop.

"Kee welding"

“Kee welding”

I feel that my method of instruction has improved. I have been very happy with the welding success of many of my students and handful have been excellent. Not everyone can get it in the week, but ever time I can get the student to at least join the main frame together. In these cases I can go over the welds and we can do some filing to make the bike look just fine. Every bike that goes through the class is durable and straight.

"Josh brazing"

“Josh brazing”

What does this mean for my bicycle offerings? I enjoy the classes and intend to continue to promote them and hope that I sign people up for the rest of 2013 and beyond.

For now I am suspending taking orders for bicycles and only taking deposits for Frame Classes, but do have some new bike offerings in the works.

I am working on some new options for ANT bicycles and when I get the next prototypes built and ready for photography, then I can re-build the website to reflect these changes.

Please stayed tuned for the upcoming bikes I will be offering 🙂

"antbikemike at work"

“antbikemike at work”


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2 Responses to “A new way”

  1. Well done, Mike. Glad you are having fun with it. Can’t wait to see all the greg bikes that come out of your expanding fabricator colony!

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