“Demo bikes 1 & 2”

Demo Bike 1

$800.00 [shipping extra]

This is a Broadway Master model [50cm seat tube]. I used to build these frame as a house brand for Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge MA. This one belonged to a customer that also has an ANT Touring bike. She has found that she does not need two bikes and is just going to ride her touring bike and asked me to sell this for her.

The bike is in good shape and nothing wrong with it.

  • SRAM 7 speed IHG
  • Fenders
  • Side Stand
  • Rack and rear bags
  • Handlebar bag
  • Soft Serfas saddle

More pictures on Flickr.

Demo Bike 2 SOLD

$900.00 [shipping extra]

This is a basic Roadster 2 speed [56cm ST]. Welded by my student Tim, that came over from Singapore for a 2 week class [welds are very good]. I have been using this as a shop bike for awhile and now would like to move it, for the next project. Built out of some semi random parts and is fun to ride.

  • 2 speed kickback/coaster brake rear hub
  • Drum/Dyno front hub
  • Dyno headlamp
  • Super flash back light
  • Plastic fenders
  • Powder coated rims
  • Side stand
  • Bell

About antbikemike

Bicycle frame builder
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