“Who follows what?”

"Fall is in full swing"

“Fall is in full swing”

I recently reopened my Facebook account and sort of added a link on my blog [tho the image will not work for some reason?].

I had Facebook 4 years ago, but found it too busy and I was quite happy with just having my blog and Flickr photo set and closed my account. Years later I found that there were many friends and family that only do Facebook and I wanted to stay in touch with them and see their photos etc…I also sort have Twitter. My friend Wayne said that I had to have Twitter and he set it up for me. I do not really know how to use it and do not really understand the tweets I see, kind of looks like a bunch of gibberish to me, but I must be missing something. What I do know is that people really like Twitter and often sign up to follow, so maybe I should get myself educated on how it works?

I have different sets of people that follow my blog, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. All with cross overs, for sure, but many that follow only one or the other….what do you follow or interact with?

Fall is in full swing here and I have been enjoying going for rides on the Holliston railtrail. The trail is about 7 miles long and connects with a paved section in Milford, that is also about 7 miles [but is interrupted in the middle]. The Holliston section is partially improved with hardpack gravel in two sections, but most improved is the tunnel. This used to be so wet and muddy [thick black mud that you do not want to put your foot in]. This would keep me from riding the trail in that area, which would have me ride the most dangerous road section instead and also a big hill. Now that the tunnel area is fixed I can leave right out the door of my shop and ride contently without traffic.

I have been riding the green Truss demo bike and man I really like this bike 🙂  I wish I could keep it for myself, but alas it is for sale and will most likely fund various shop needs. My big air compressor is dieing a slow death and needs a new motor, so that will be first on the list.

"Tunnel on the Holliston trail"

“Tunnel on the Holliston trail”






I finally finished Rod’s Basket Bike! This bike for various reasons has been on the books longer than any other ANT in history. I am very happy to have it completed and now need to figure out how to box it up best for it’s shipment to Taiwan.

"Big Basket Bike"

“Big Basket Bike”

Rod’s bike has 4 couplers, Alfine 11 speed hub, Belt drive, disc brakes, Schmidt dyno hub and light, King HS, ANT stem, Tubis rack. [saddle and post were just added for the picture].


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10 Responses to “Who follows what?”

  1. I’ve thus far managed to stay free of the gravitational pull of Facebook and Twitter. No good reasons for doing so and only one weak one (ignoring the largest social media sites feels sort of punk). I follow your blog, then, and survive pretty well between posts. ; ) That said, if you want more attention to be paid to your business, I am sure Facebook and Twitter would help make that happen. In the end, I think a world with more Mike is better than a world with less. So good on you for sharing!

    Happy Friday!

    • antbikemike says:

      Hi Randy, nice to hear from you. You should make a field trip someday and come out to visit?

      • A wonderful invite. Thank you. This is a busy time of year for me at work, but things can always change. We’ll keep your offer in mind and when we find time we’ll give you plenty of advance notice. Thanks again!

  2. meligrosa says:

    ANT, those are beautiful fall pictures, here in SF we dont quite get the 4 seasons, but certainly can’t complain with the year-round 58°-80 and no less and no more than that.
    I read most stuff via reader, because as a blogger myself, I know the ammount of thought, time and effort that goes into a post.
    Twitter and fb are great yes, and I used them frequently. But it is easy to feel lost in them, like online diarrea. Often is hard to keep up, I just step back and roam+do at my speed.

    There was this recent quote is about digital vs. film, but it can easily apply to current social mannerisms and online use, (short film is also very cool) from petapixel:
    “It’s also a commentary on the nature of saving and sharing memories. As the world trends toward instant sharing over the Internet, the question becomes: who are you preserving memories for? For yourself and your loved ones, or for the faceless audience that you interact with through social networks?
    -via http://www.petapixel.com/2012/09/24/lost-memories-a-sci-fi-short-film-that-weighs-in-on-film-versus-digital/#vFFyiXoLCUwllvIq.99

  3. Stever Garro says:

    My blog is good to act as a portfolio of my body of work, but man – facebook is selling bikes for me – it gets 10X the hits of my blog which I have been running for something like six years, and it allows people to “share” your pictures easily, which gets great coverage – twitter, like you said, looks like gibberish to me.
    – Steve.

  4. I have to say the new truss bike looks magnificent. In person there is a craftsman style aesthetic to it that is unique and charming. The new basket bike – what is that finish?.. Don’t tell me powdercoat.

    Regarding social media… It’s a little complicated. They all work, but it depends on how you use them. I closed my personal Facebook account a year ago and don’t plan on re-opening it; I have major privacy concerns about that system. Also, I feel that Facebook is a bad choice for promoting blogs (ie my “product”), since it’s a closed system that is designed to attract its own readership, essentially competing with blogs. However, if I had a business that sold concrete goods or services, I would certainly use Facebook to promote it. Twitter works very well for posting announcements and links to things you want people to look at. I think the stuff that looks like gibberish to you (and others) are the automatically generated tweets, which I avoid posting for that reason.

  5. Barbara and I went through the tunnel on the tandem and into the mud about 2 years ago on our way to “Casey’s” She was in front as I walked the bike. It was over our ankles and as you guessed, it was nothing you would want to put your feet into. Barbara’s comment was, “Were going to remember this for a long time!”
    The tunnel in Clinton by the dam has the same arch. It must have been made by the same group of tunnel designers.
    Thanks for your blog. The photos are great!
    I like Facebook. Its like hanging around with all your friends at your house but you dont have to clean up after them. I do not link my blogs to it unless there is a story I want to share.
    I find it a good way to stay in touch with old friends without having to go visit them ,ever.

  6. Smasher says:

    Hi, Mike! Greetings from Seattle!

    Social media: I really hate Facebook, but I feel obligated to have a FB account to keep up with (or at least keep in touch with) friends who only use Facebook. I check it maybe once a week or so, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything important (births, deaths, lottery wins, etc.). But I really don’t like the interface, I don’t like the social construct, and hate the idea that our social interactions/connections are being privatized, collected, collated, and bought and sold like currency. It makes me feel like my friends and I are being harvested.

    I use Flickr for my “arty” photos, and like Flickr because I’m a camera nut and like to see what people are doing with various film/camera/lens/developer combinations.

    I have a Tumblr feed (http://smashr.tumblr.com) mostly for my iPhone shots–it’s more of a stream-of-consciousness photo feed, and serves as a record of my life as I settle into Seattle.

    I also have a Twitter feed (@ashermil), which I set up for my Boston -> Madison tour a few years ago. I used it as a kind of homing beacon, to tweet out my status and adventures and location so people could track me and make sure I wasn’t dead by the side of the road somewhere in Ontario. I’ve set it up to cross-post to my Facebook page, so if I tweet something, my FB friends will see that I’m not dead yet. I also follow a few other Twitter feeds (such as Roger Ebert, and Josh Marshall of talkinpointsmemo.com). Using Twitter, I was able to follow along with Marshall’s play-by-play report of the presidential debates without having to actually watch them live. It’s almost like listening to a baseball game on the radio, or following along with the box scores.

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