"Fall foliage"

“Fall foliage”

I took Sunday off to enjoy a nice fall bike ride with Betsy and one her friends, who has just got back into cycling. We have been going on a few rides with Betsy’s friend on the local railtrails for fun and to get the new cyclist back into it, with some easy, fun trails.

This Sunday we rode on the East Bay Bike path in RI. This trail runs from Providence to Bristol RI. We started mid way in the Barrington area, rode to Bristol to have lunch at Quito’s…home of the best Rhode Island clam cakes in the world!

"Rhode Island Clam Cakes"

“Rhode Island Clam Cakes”

The RI Clam Cake is a like a fritter or as I like to put it a hot clam doughnut 🙂

Quito’s is right on the water and is really picturesque with sailboats floating around in the Narraganset bay.



After lunch we rode back to where had parked, but then continued on for more riding up the path. Betsy’s friend wanted to ride 16 miles, which is what she has worked up to now. We were more than happy to ride at any pace or distance to encourage more fun times on the bike. I was having such a good time that I wanted to ride home from the path, but it was really too late in the day to ride that far home [also giving that it gets dark so early now]. I decided to just go out for an hour so when we got back to our house.

"Noon Hill"

“Noon Hill”

We live in Medfield and my favorite place to head to is Noon Hill. This is the only dirt road in Medfield and Noon Hill is connected to Causeway st, that while paved is very untraveled and is lined with tall pine trees. We live on a nice scenic road about 4 miles from Noon Hill, but our road is used like a race track and I just ride as fast as I can to get off of it. As soon as I can, I get to the first off street and meander my way thought the neighborhoods to get the safest way to Noon Hill. Once at Noon Hill I often just ride up and down Noon Hill and Causeway a few times, before working my way back.

"Noon Hill Reservation"

“Noon Hill Reservation”

A the top of Noon Hill is the protected area of the Trustees of the Reservation. Betsy and I are members and we highly encourage people in MA to support the Trustees. While it is possible to ride the trails in many of the reservations like Noon Hill, we most often just hike here. After riding up and down Noon Hill, I snapped a few shots while the sun was going down and then worked my way home at dusk…another reason to ride bikes that have lights 😉

"ANT on Leafs"

“ANT on Leafs”


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3 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Daniel says:

    That looks like a very nice bike for that bike path and for dirt roads. And the fritters look good as well.

    A friend rode that path last year and I mean to drag my family down there. It looks well worth the drive down there.

  2. We LOVE Quito’s is our favorite place for seafood!! SO delicious!

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