“Happy Halloween”

"Light Roadster, by tombstones"

“Light Roadster, by tombstones”

Betsy and I made it through “Sandy”, without loosing power and did not have any trees downed. We were fortunate, many other not so much 😦    I was happy to find my shop undamaged and was able to go back to work on Tuesday. This week is the last week of Scott’s six week course and it is going to be a fast week.

Tonight is Halloween for some, but not all, being postponed in many towns for tree clean up or lack or power.

Skeleton Rider

Skeleton Rider


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2 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Ah! Glad you are well! Here, too! Use for power for good!

  2. Sorry to miss you yesterday on the “Upper Charles Trail”. We will have to do it again some day soon.

    PS: We did move some trees along the way yesterday, Only the ones we could.

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