“6 week classes”

"Scott's 6 weeks"

“Scott’s 6 weeks”

Today was Scott’ last day of his 6 week frame building class. This morning he picked up his trailer and we got him all loaded up to head home to the DC area where he lives. Scott plans to set up shop at some point in the near future, along with his fitting studio. Just a matter of finding some suitable space and getting the word out. Once he gets up and running I will add some links to his site.

"Scott's first road bike"

“Scott’s first road bike”

We managed to build 4 lugged road frames, the first one a complete bike. We were both quite happy with the way they came out. The brazing was good enough to be able to powder coat the frames [most brazed bikes need to be wet painted to take care of pin holes in the silver or brass].

"Head lugs"

“Head lugs”

This picture has a lot of dust on the frame 😦

A lot was learned during this course, for both of us. Each time I teach a class I learn something too and often rework the way I instruct or describe how to go about accomplishing the task at hand.

Building with lugs has its challenges too. Mostly in respect to the down tube/head tube lug angle. Most often this angle is around 60o for lugs I can purchase, but this is the area that changes the most with the variation of fork height and shorter top tube lengths. Most lug sets you can purchase come in 73o HT/ ST and 60o  DT/HT angles, which are perfect for a medium size road frame with short reach brakes….not much else.

Bending these angles can be done up to 2o, however I have not been satisfied with the results and I feel the lugs get pretty mangled in the process. That is why you will see so often builders will use a lug-less or Bi-Laminate construction [TIG or brass brazed], or lastly making your own lugs out of tubing [it is like building two frames to get one]

"Scott's tube cutting machine"

“Scott’s tube cutting machine”

I have some more exciting classes coming up for the next 3 or 4 months. Anyone interested in joining in for the fun, should get in touch.!

"The watchful ANT eye"

“The watchful ANT eye”




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2 Responses to “6 week classes”

  1. seth koen says:

    oooo… that eye! does it still have my old bike helmet in it? i wanted to let you know that my ant is the best ever bike (except for shelby’s ant and our bakfiets!). i have been lugging the kids and anything else i can find around for about 9 months on the bakfiets, which is such a superb experience. however, on the rare occasion i need no payload, i pull out the ant and fly like a rocket!!! it is such a pleasure. thank you, maestro! i also get lots of envious admiration from local bike nerds. cool that you built a bike for workcycles henry… my worlds collide. i also wanted to let you know that southie passed away a little over a week ago at 16. she was a sweet cat as i know you know. how are you guys doing? let me know next time you are in sacto. keep on truckin’, seth

  2. so i take it that the bike hanging from the shop ceiling is an ANTique bicycle

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