“New Years Sale”

Ladies Roadster

Ladies Roadster

Ladies Roadster   $1,500.00  SOLD

  • Fits someone around 5’2″ to 5’7″
  • 7 speed SRAM hub
  • Rim brakes front and rear
  • 700 x 32mm tires
  • Mostly new components on new frame set
  • Used parts [Wheels, tires, shifter, crank, BB, pedals, rack, kickstand]
Road bike

Road bike

Road bike with fenders   $2,000.00

  • Fits someone around 5’7″ to 5’9″
  • 52cm x 55cm top tube [slight slope TT with up right position]
  • Shimano 105 10 speed
  • 34/50T x 12/30T
  • 700 x 28mm tires
  • Some scratches on TT and rear fender
  • Nice bike rides great.
"Noon Hill"

“Truss Roadster”

Truss Roadster $3,000.00

  • Fits someone around 5’7″ to 5’10”
  • 2 speed kickback
  • Rear coaster brake
  • Front drum brake/dyno hub
  • 700 x 35mm tires
  • Very nice bike and components
  • Low miles [about 200?]
  • No changes or options

Any bike purchased within a week will get free shipping [or reduced by $150 if a local pickup]

I can’t believe that today is the last day of 2012! Needless to sat that not much blogging has been going here at ANT. The classes over that fall and winter have been all time consuming. I always think that I will be writing about the latest class, but sometimes my students are not interested in being on the web or I just don’t make time to take pictures or write.

I had planned on getting some new bikes ready for the new year. New models and pictures to celebrate my 10th year of full time as ANT, but have missed the mark. I still plan on doing this, but it will be later that the January dates I planned on.

I have another 6 week class starting the first week of January and will be making tools for that class the rest of this week.

If anyone is interested in any of these bikes for sale, please do get in touch or send the links to anyone you think they might be a good fit for.

Happy New Year, Mike & Betsy


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