“Classes and Spring feelings”

Needless to say I have been to busy to blog 😉  So many classes, events and fun stuff has passed since I last wrote on here. As many of you know I mostly use Flicker for my main outlet and a tiny bit of Facebook. I use to rely on my blog a lot, but have fallen off the back. While it is still very cold here in New England it still feels like Spring is almost here and we are looking forward to longer days and some green in the trees [which will be in May].

Today I just finished my new XY fitting machine.

XY fitting machine

XY fitting machine

This contraption will really help with making bikes for people and dialing in where the bars and saddle go [all that really matters]. Not a very good picture, but you can get the idea that you can capture the X and Y coordinates of the bar and saddle clamp.

Last week we had a great class with Tim S from Maine, building a Ladies Loop frame Roadster for his wife.

Tim S with his wife's Roadster

Tim S with his wife’s Roadster

The week before I had another good class with Joe C from Berkeley CA, building a 650B Rando dirt road touring bike.

Joe C and his 650B bike

Joe C and his 650B bike

From January through February I had an extended class for Luke Devine, helping him come to market with his new frame shop. Luke was a great student and he picked up the work very easy and I look forward to working with him more. I have a lot to say about this, but will need to write another post about Luke’s new shop, when I have more time.

Luke's 1st bike

Luke’s 1st bike

Next Friday Betsy and I will be at the Geekhouse Bicycles swap meet at the Boston Headquarters. I will make another post about this with details next Monday…got to get home now it is Saturday night!




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