“Auto accident”

"My van"

“My van”

This Sunday evening, my wife Betsy and I were in a terrible auto accident.

We are OK, but Betsy was injured pretty bad. She suffered a concussion, a broken rib, some internal bleeding on her liver, cuts on her arm and had to have many staples in the back of her head. I was uninjured, just very stiff now and my lower back hurts. We got back from the hospital Monday evening.

A guy in a full size truck [Ford F150] ran a red light and plowed into the passenger side of my van [where Betsy was seated]. He was going about 45 or 50 mph and I did not see him coming , until the last second.

I will be home with Betsy all this week, to help her begin her recovery and she might be able to go back to work next week. We are both so very lucky to only have suffered what we have and so glad that we were not killed or paralyzed etc…

West St & RT27, Medfield MA.

West St & RT27, Medfield MA.

When the truck hit us, we were pushed into this guard rail and that stopped us.

Betsy and I feared this very intersection for many years, for this very type of accident and now it happened to us. Betsy witnessed an accident at this same intersection, just last year [happened right in front of her]. I do not think we will ever go through here again.

I went to the police station today to start the paper work. I got what little info they would give me [for some reason they will not give out or me a police report?]. From what I can see, the guy did not have a drivers licence and they did not arrest him or give a ticket? The police would tell me nothing.

he was coming down this hill

he was coming down this hill

No skid marks, he did not stop, just plowed into us!

This was the worst day of my life. I thought Betsy was going to die. The hit was sooo hard. The Medfield EMTs were wonderful and did a great job tacking care of us.

I am really shook up about this. Luckily Betsy does not remember the crash, but is doing very well with all other aspects of memory.

I were my helmet on my bicycle about 95% of the time and not a helmet Nazi, but consider myself a helmet wearer. Now I think it might be better to wear a helmet while driving a car. It was a good thing we were in my van. While we love Betsy’s Prius, this would have been a different story if we had been driving it.

van is gone

van is gone


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16 Responses to “Auto accident”

  1. So happy you are going to be ok. We need you two! You make the world better!

    Crashes! Terrible terrible! My sister died a couple of years back while driving. I always ask myself if trips are necessary. Kind of always have. I stay put more than some folks!

  2. antbikemike says:

    Thanks Randy. We had a full, wonderful day at home, working outside in the yard and garden, but then needed to go to the grocery store.

  3. Lindsay B says:

    The book “Traffic” has some interesting stats about head injuries… I usually wear my helmet while riding my bike, but if I forget to grab it on my way out, sometimes I go without it. I really enjoy the wind in my hair. Sometimes I get the lecture from concerned friends and I like to point out that you’re more likely to die from head injuries as a pedestrian or driver…but the bottom line is that it’s good to be safe, focused and vigilant regardless of your mode or protective armor. Glad you are both doing reasonably well.

  4. Ken Harris says:

    Sending you guys healing thoughts. So glad you are both going to be okay.

  5. portajohn says:

    Yikes – I’m very glad you and your wife are recovering together. I hope the other driver feels the full extent of the law.

    Is this the same van you bought a few years back from that dear old man in RI?

  6. MG says:

    I am a reader in the D.C. area, and am so sorry to read of this news. I hope you both heal quickly and fully.

  7. somervillebikes says:

    Glad to hear you’re okay, and that Betsy is going to be okay! I hope she has a speedy recovery. I also hope the unlicensed driver who’s responsible pays the price.

  8. Alan says:


    We’re so sorry this happened to you and Betsy. We’re sending good thoughts your way for a quick and full recovery.

    Best regards,
    Alan & Michael (ecovelo)

  9. Dave Talsma says:

    Scary, glad you and Betsy will be put back together.

  10. Steve P says:

    Wishing you and Betsy a speedy recovery.

  11. “Now I think it might be better to wear a helmet while driving a car.”
    Yikes, seriously. This is why some newer cars now come with curtain airbags over the side windows, to help act like a helmet in this sort of collision.

    “It was a good thing we were in my van. While we love Betsy’s Prius, this would have been a different story if we had been driving it.”
    I’m not sure this is true. Sure, your van is heavier, but what matters in a collision is how quickly the human brain is accelerated, and what parts of your body impact the solid parts of the vehicle. Newer cars with lots of airbags and well designed crumple zones may be better than older, heavier cars, depending on the type of crash. I believe side-impact crashes like this are tough to protect against, because there is less space between the edge of the car and the humans inside.

    I hope you both a speedy recovery! Don’t give up on the police, you deserve to find out what happened with the person who caused this crash. Even if they don’t press criminal charges, it might be worth a civil case for lost wages, medical bills, etc.

  12. What a terrble experience. I am one of your customers and am so sorry to hear that this happened to you and Betsy. Best wishes for a fast and full recovery.

  13. Tony Valletti says:

    Mike and Betsy, many positive thoughts and prayers for a painless and full recovery. Bad things happen to good people…no logic to it. Stay strong!

  14. tastewar says:

    So sorry to hear about this! Glad you’re both mostly OK, and wishing Betsy a speedy recovery. Take care of her!

  15. Trisha says:

    So glad that things weren’t worse! I hope that Betsy recovers quickly. Thinking of you both.

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